Car Park Paint: Rustoleum Pegakote

Promain’s technical team regularly quote for car park paints.

A site visit was made by a member of staff and the Technical Manager for Europe from Rustoleum Mathys.
The existing coating was live. Blast tracking the floor was the best option with an application afterwards of Pegasol. They should then paint Pegakote on top.


Rustoleum Pegasol Quartz Anti-Slip Floor Paint is a 2 part water based floor paint for use on terraces and balconies and provides an excellent balcony coating with a decorative quartz structured finish. Not only does Rustoleum Pegasol Quartz Anti-Slip Floor Paint offer a decorative finish but it offers outstanding resistance to weathering, abrasion and mechanical use.


Rust-Oleum Pegakote Epoxy Floor Paint is a very hard two-component water dilutable epoxy coating designed for interior use on floors and walls. It has exceptional abrasion resistance, is resistant to oils and solvents and easy to clean. Furthermore it is almost odourless and solvent free. Pegakote is suitable for use in garages, warehouses, showrooms, corridors, indoor car parks, workshops, commercial kitchens etc.

This system will give many years maintenance free service.

Finally, if you need more info on car park paints, contact our technical team. We are available on 01462 421333.

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