Chalfont Park House, Gerrards Cross

The existing paint coatings at Chalfont Park House were removed from the render prior to redecorating with the Keim Granital system to offer a proven cost effective solution to long term external decoration.  Keim Granital has over 20 years proven performance on buildings in the UK and there are examples of Keim in Europe that are over 100 years old – the realisation of cost savings in practice.

Natural Inorganic Ingredients

Keim Granital is a mineral matt finish silicate based paint and comprises only natural inorganic ingredients. The paint forms a chemical crystalline bond with the surface (petrification) rather than being merely a surface coating.  Suitable for application to render, concrete, brick, asbestos cement, plaster and stone to give a high quality, durable finish.

Keim Exterior Masonry Paint available from Promain
Keim Exterior Masonry Paint available from Promain

The crystalline nature of this product allows vapour to pass freely through the coating from the substrate. At the same time it protects against the ingress of moisture – 96% breath-ability after coating.  This eliminates problems of blistering, cracking or peeling associated with conventional paints.

Keim Granital is environmentally friendly, being water borne, non-toxic, solvent free, odourless and made from only natural materials. For further details please contact Promain Paints 01462 421 333.

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