Cladding Paint For Old Tin Church

Peganox Cladding Paint
Peganox Cladding Paint

The technical department at Promain were approached by the owners of this Baptist Church during a recent renovation of this listed building. They required a suitable rust inhibiting coating for the corrugated metal cladding to last in excess of 10 years. The product suggested was Rustoleum Peganox, a water based elastomeric paint that could be applied by brush or roller.

Rustoleum Mathys Noxyde Peganox is a heavy duty, waterborne paint. It is excellent on all metal substrates including metal roofs and plastisol cladding. As well as on steel frame buildings and all types of steel fabrications. Furthermore, Peganox forms an elastomeric flexible anti-rust membrane. This is impermeable to water and highly resistant to weathering and mechanical and chemical attack. In addition it is extremely good in harsh environmental areas such as coastlines and areas subject to water and weathering. Peganox is also ideal for applying to Caravan and Mobile Home Roofs.

The chapel was built for Brethren in 1888. The hall was later used by The Salvation Army as well as a Baptist congregation. It was then passed to the Roman Catholic Church in 1925. It was rededicated as a church, and served the village until 1961-62. The new St Gabriel’s Church was later built on another site. It had a porch and roughcast and steel cladding walls. The neighbouring house, Marycot, still shows the remains of an arcade on the outer wall.

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