Historic Train Carriage Renovation

Promain recently specify paints for the elastomeric waterproofing for the roofs. It is for of a number of carriages under renovation by the Electric Railway Museum.

Electric Railway Museum Project

Electric Railway Museum is a UK based charity. Firstly, they aim to promote the heritage of all electric trains in the UK. This is via traction and rolling stock restoration, display and operation. They also work in gathering historically relevant technical and photographic archives. Work is entirely run by volunteers and funded by donations from the public.

They are located in Baginton, on the outskirts of the City of Coventry. At the museum you will find the largest collection of preserved electric trains in the UK. This ranges from industrial electric locomotives, suburban multiple units, Edwardian underground train carriage bodies to high speed express trains.

Promain’s Paint Specification For A Train Carriage

The product that has been suggested is Rustoleum Peganox. You can apply via brush. Peganox is a water based coating. It is ideal for the renovation of train carriages.

Therefore, we recommend use of Peganox Metal Cladding on roofs. It will prevent rust and weathering, chemicals and impact. Additionally, it is available in a range of different colours. Not only does Peganox offer you excellent protection, you also get a fantastic aesthetically pleasing finish.

  • Good corrosion protection and waterproofing
  • Smooth aesthetic satin finish
  • 200% elastic coat does not crack or peel
  • Excellent flow, ideal for roller/brush application
  • Primer and topcoat in one

Furthermore, you can apply Noxyde Peganox Metal Cladding Paint by a brush or roller. Amazingly, it is touch dry within 1 hour. As a result, after 6 hours you will be able to apply a second coating of Peganox. Subsequently, this saves you time in the process. For instance, an adhesion coat, add 25% water to the Peganox.

In conclusion, contact our technical team for more info on 01462 421333.

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