John O’Groats Start Line Epoxy Line Paint

The collaborative brainchild of graphic designer Al MacInnes and photographer Fin Macrae born from love for spray-paint, canned art and creativity. “Spray the word if the word’s worth spraying”. Collectivly known as Dufi Art spent last Thursday up in John O’Groats working on a commission to produce a temporary Start/Finish line for all those fine folks who are known as End to Enders.

Creating a John O’Groats Start Line

Along with Ian McKee at GLM architects and our client Natural Retreats we did something very simple. This was based loosely on the original line that sat outside the hotel in the good old days. The rest of the country basked in sunshine. Meanwhile, we spent the first part of our day sat in the car to avoid the lashing rain!

The road surface is beginning to fail, but we are happy with the artwork and its looking pretty good! We used epoxy road paint and reflective glass beads. Both products that were new to us but give a good effect (Thanks to Nino and his team at Promain for their help) All done now.

The road paint used was Centrecoat SPE Single Pack Epoxy Road Line Paint. It is a single pack Heavy Duty road line paint, chemical and fuel resistant with a slip resistant finish for roads, airport runways etc.

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