Rust-Oleum Dacfill HZ: Kings Cross Station

The technical department at Promain were asked to specify a low VOC roof coating to be applied to one of the flat roofs at Kings Cross Railway Station. Read below to find out more about why Rust-Oleum Dacfill HZ was specified.


A moisture cured polyurethane was not suitable for this application. This was as the VOC was far too high and the fumes would cause disruption to passengers and staff.

Dacfill HZ waterproofing for roofs


Rust-Oleum Dacfill HZ

Rust-Oleum Dacfill HZ was specified as it offers 100% waterproofing and outstanding weathering performance, Class 1 and ‘O’ fire protection, virtually no VOC  as well as being extremely easy to apply. A further advantage is you can apply Dacfill HZ even if the roof is slightly damp. Also, the paint is incredibly fast drying.

This product is good enough for Sellafield and Dounreay Nuclear Power Station. We regularly specify this product for use on their roofs to maintain and waterproof their facilities. As you can expect at a nuclear power paint the pre-requisites for paint products need to be top notch.

Promain regulaly supply paints and coatings into these sites. Contact our technical team for further information. Please contact Promain Technical staff for details and specifications for your individual project.

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