The Lady Sprays Her Bedroom With Promain Paint

Bedroom Furniture painted in Ardenbrite Metallic Paint

Advice on the use of paint for spray application is not an out of the ordinary request to the Promain Head Office. Likewise, questions on Ardenbrite products are common place.

Ardenbrite Metallic Paint
Ardenbrite Metallic Paint

The Importance of Preparation

However, when I received a telephone call from a lady who had turned her bedroom into a spraying booth, my initial thoughts were that she should be googling the Fake Tropez contact details.

As she expanded on the subject, I gauged that she had evaluated the answer to an obstacle that she had, and I needed to be the conduit to her solution.

Regular readers may recall my colleague Tony’s post, Is It Always the Paint’s Fault?, which highlighted the importance of preparation. In this case, my Customer fully understood this factor.  I was genuinely excited to assist her in achieving her desired outcome.

Thinking Outside The Box

With all thoughts of a tanning booth being binned, I realised that I was speaking to a very keen and knowledgeable customer who was desperate to spray her bedroom furniture silver.

Her problem was that the only other place that she could paint the furniture was in the garden – for so many reasons, in January, this wasn’t the answer.

So, she was planning on creating a spray booth in her own bedroom – I thought it was a fantastic example of thinking right outside any box!

A brilliant idea that deserved a great outcome. All I needed to do was recommend the best products for the job and provide a bit of advice and reassurance.

Having sheeted up the floor, which had already been fitted with a brand new carpet (no pressure), our Customer ensured that all the walls and any bedroom furniture that wasn’t to be painted, were properly covered too.

Think Safety

Her knowledge was such that I didn’t need to brief her on the importance of creating an air flow system. She was fully aware of the fact that this was an essential safety precaution when using her desired Ardenbrite Metallic Paint.

Ardenbrite Gold Leaf Metallic Paint
Ardenbrite Gold Leaf Metallic Paint

As well as providing her with the perfect colour Silver, I reassured her that, as the furniture already had a coating of paint on it, the Ardenbrite Quick Drying Base Coat I would normally recommend, wasn’t required.

Ardenbrite Silver Metallic Paint
Ardenbrite Silver Metallic Paint

Of course, Promain will never sell a product that is surplus to requirements.

Once the bedroom was totally covered and the furniture surfaces were cleaned with a detergent solution and abraded with sandpaper, spraying began.

I was over the moon when she sent me these images of the project completed.  I’m sure she was also pleased with the results of her first-rate planning and finished accomplishment.

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