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Established in 1927 Ardenbrite soon became a world leader in the production of metallic paint and has rapidly become the product of choice for theatres, museums, hotels, restaurants, public homes, and one of the most popular areas of application churches and other historic listed buildings. Not only is Ardenbrite suitable for application to cementitious surfaces such as walls and ceilings but it is regally used on wood, plastic, paper, ceramics, and metal, in fact it has been applied to the finials of many well known building National Trust buildings.

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  1. Ardenbrite Metallic Paint
    Ardenbrite Metallic Paint

    Ardenbrite Metallic Paint used in Churches, Museums, Radiators, Iron Gates, Street Furniture.

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Ardenbrite is suitable for application to exterior surfaces such as bridges, lamp posts, balustrades, fences and gates as well as for interior use on picture frames, lamps, radiators in fact in many applications around the home as well as commercial buildings. Ardenbrite is available as a solvent based (Methylated Spirits although it is recommend that its own blended solvent is used) or a water based version is available, both are fast drying and offer an excellent altemative to traditional gilding, in fact Ardenbrite Sovereign Gold no8. is now recognised as the only acceptable alternative to gold leaf with the added benefits of being much easier and faster to apply at a fraction of the price.

Among the Ardenbrite range of coatings you will find Ardenbrite Metallic Paint, Ardenbrite QD Base Coat, and Ardenbrite Glaze. Ardenbrite paint review listings are available within each products listing on this page. If you are struggling to find the coating you are looking for, make sure you give us a call and we can discuss your needs with you.