Ardenbrite QD Quick Drying Base Coat

SKU id3828 Non Hazardous
A quick drying water based primer/base coat adhesion promotor for Ardenbrite Metallic Paint.
Available in 1 and 2.5 Litres in White
£17.92 (£21.50 Inc VAT)
£17.92 (£21.50 Inc VAT)

Product Description

Ardenbrite QD Base Coat is a quick drying water-based primer / base coat designed for providing a protective undercoat prior to the application of other Ardenbrite decorative topcoats.

Best Uses

Ardenbrite QD Base Coat is formulated to provide suitable substrate adhesion prior the application of Ardenbrite Metallic Paint. This base coat will reduce overcoating intervals and minimise downtime. Ardenbrite QD Base Coat is part of the innovative range of Ardenbrite products used to decorate and protect a variety of different surfaces and appliances.


Ardenbrite QD Base Coat can be applied easily using brush or roller or by using conventional spray so long as the product is diluted with 5-10% water. This fantastic base coat has a theoretical coverage rate of 10m2 per litre and when dry offers you a matt finish ready for overcoating. Ardenbrite QD Base Coat is touch dry within 2 hours and can recoated after just 4 hours to produce an immaculate final finish.

Surface and Environment

Ardenbrite QD Base Coat can be used on paper, wood, plaster, ceramic, previously painted and cementitious areas, as well as ferrous and non ferrous metals. Ardenbrite QD Base Coat is ideal for use externally on things like gates, fences and posts to provide excellent adhesion and a level of resistance to abrasion, impact and weathering.

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