Coo-Var Profloor Application for a Major DIY Retailer

Coo-Var Profloor had been used in a new way proving it is a hard wearing and versatile paint.

A major DIY retailer chose Profloor as the paint they felt provided an economical yet high performing solution on their warehouse floor.

Following a site visit by the technical field representative an adhesion and porosity test was a requirement. Additionally, they discussed the expectancies of the client. Finally, production of a specification was made for the painting contractors.

The Coo-Var High Performance Primer was applied onto the power floated floor followed by a coat of Coo-Var Profloor.

Coo-Var Profloor-Epoxy Floor Paint Promain

Application of both paints was through an airless spray line marking machine. The warehouse is a massive 80,000 square metres. 24 km of line marking was then applied by Instore Solutions.

Coo-Var Profloor

CooVar Profloor is an exceptionally hard wearing water based 2 pack epoxy floor and wall coating. Dries to an off-gloss finish. Seven colours available plus other colours to order. Aggregate is mixed with paint or sandwiched between two coats for an anti slip version. Profloor is suitable for use internally or externally, as well as the option to use on walls too.

It is ideal for use in heavy traffic areas for foot traffic, trucks, vans and forklifts, inside and outside. Furthermore, it is also suitable for use over stable existing paint coverings. It can be used on wood, concrete, masonry, asphalt and tarmac. This floor paint is suitable for walls as well as floors.

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