Rustoleum Dacfill Hz for NatWest Bank Roof

Rustoleum Dacfill Hz has been specified for the flat roof at the Natwest Bank in London. The reason this product has been specified is that it is a 2 pack water based system offering low VOC. It will in turn will not disrupt Natwest staff during their working day with the smell. Dacfill Hz is also extremely easy to apply .

Rustoleum Dacfill HZ Rubber Paint for Flat Roofs is a seamless rubbery paint to waterproof flat roofs. A 2 pack, waterproofing sealant used to create a decorate and protective coating on flat roofs, gutters and lead strips, for example. When Dacfill HZ Waterproofing Paint dries, it forms a seamless rubbery membrane that offers users long term protection and resistance against water. This coating has 350% elasticity even after ageing and remains 100% waterproof as well as UV resistant. Dacfill Paint is available in 20KG tubs in 3 different shades of grey.

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