Painting an Outdoor Swimming Pool In Summer

With this record beating summer we are experiencing Promain have been receiving a huge increase in enquiries for outdoor swimming pool paint. We would like to give our customers guidance against potential pitfalls before they happen. If you are new to outdoor swimming pools having graduated from inflatable pools or kids swimming pools Promain can offer advice on the correct way to prepare and paint your swimming pool.

The Correct Weather Conditions For Painting Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool

There are a couple or guidelines to painting a swimming pool we would like to share with you. The most important of these is DO NOT paint your pool in direct sunlight on a hot afternoon.

The reason behind this is we want the paint to have time to soak into either the existing paint or the render before it dries. The blend of solvents used for swimming pool paints will evaporate extremely quickly in the current temperatures and the paint will start to dry on the end of your brush or your roller.

Our recommendation is to get up very early whilst it is still cool and start you painting then. Do not try to rush the painting or you will find that the roller will leave small imperfections that often look like small volcano’s in the surface. These areas will not only leave a rough finish but the paint will not have the required thickness. The consequences of that is the water will be able to eat its way into the paint causing premature failure.

Premature Filling of Your Garden Swimming Pool

After painting, do not rush to fill your pool with water. It might be tempting as you want to enjoy your pool as soon as possible. Allow at least 10 days for the paint to properly cure before you fill it with water. Do not run your pool heater whilst filling your pool.

Chemical Introduction To Your Outdoor Swimming Pool

Always fill the pool completely with fresh water before adding your swimming pool chemicals. As it takes some considerable time to repaint and repair an outdoor swimming pool, it is important not to undo all your hard work by adding the chemicals too fast, making them too concentrated which will in turn either bleach the colour from the swimming pool floor and walls or will break the paint down causing it to fail.

We would recommend customers to slowly add your chemicals so that the chemicals are not to concentrated. It may be an idea to introduce them in the centre the pool and continually mix by scooping up swimming pool water in a bucket and throwing it back into the pool. Always have your swimming pool pumps recycling to aid mixing.

Do not leave pool floats, swimming pool toys or swimming pool games in the pool while introducing chemicals such as chlorine, PH reducer or PH increaser. These chemicals may effect the toys.

Promain’s Swimming Pool Products

There is specific processes you need to follow to ensure your pool is properly protected. Below is our most popular swimming pool paint system:

Coo-Var Universal Degreaser / Cleaner

Outdoor Swimming Pool CleanerThis cleaner degreaser is formulated to remove body oils, sun tan lotion and other fats as well as build up from chlorine and lime scale. This is essential prior to painting as part of the cleaning process.

Before using Coo-Var Universal Degreaser/Cleaner make sure you clear and sweep the area in order to remove debris, prior to degreasing.


Teamac Metaclor

Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer is a metallized, chlorinated rubber, water and chemical resistant primer, which provides an ideal primer/undercoat for a further application of a selected Teamac swimming pool paint.

As a multi-purpose underwater coating, this primer is not only for pools but also for boats and yachts offering excellent resistance and protection from seawater.

Features Technical Details
  • Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer thinners is V/607/16
  • Best used when used as an undercoat with Chlorvar Swimming Pool Rubber Paint
  • Metallic Silver finish
  • Theoretical Coverage: 10m2 per litre
  • Available in 2.5, 5 and 20 Litres

Teamac Chlorvar Chlorinated Rubber Swimming Pool Paint

Teamac G149 Premium Quality Chlorinated Rubber Paint provides protection to swimming pools, paddling pools, ponds and marine applications, suitable for wood, metal, plaster, brick, masonry and fibreglass.

Offering excellent resistance to severe pollution and chemical damage, including salt water and acids, Teamac Chlorvar is a modified chlorinated rubber finish coat.

Features Technical Details
  • An average pool will require 25 litres of chlorinated rubber paint for 2 coats
  • Outstanding protection against a wide range of chemical and aqueous solutions, particularly acids
  • Not suitable for vinyl swimming pool liners or plastic tanks
  • Touch Dry: 2 hours
  • Recoatable: 16 hours
  • Full cure: No less than 10 – 14 days at 20°C
  • Theoretical Coverage: 14m2 per litre
  • Available in a range of stock shades
  • Available in 5 Litres


Ensure to follow the products data sheets prior to application. If you have any questions prior to painting your swimming pool, call our technical team on 01462 421333.


Hopefully we have helped you understand the pitfalls of painting your outdoor swimming pool! Painting and repairing an outdoor swimming pool doesn’t have to be a burden. If you have any further questions our technical team is always at the end of the phone. Most importantly, enjoy your swimming pool in the good weather! It’s been 42 years since the last real heat wave!!!

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