Painting A Volkswagen Van By Hand

Painting A Volkwagen Van
Rustoleum Combicolor

In April Promain received an e-mail from a person who was looking into painting a Volkswagen van. Unfortunately the customer was short of money and had been quoted £700.00 by a local body shop to paint the van.

The customer was wondering if Promain could offer him a paint that could be brush applied and give a smooth shiny finish. Of course we were happy to help and suggested CombiColor Smooth as a good alternative. We supplied him with 5 litres of paint, which would be sufficient.

Painting A Volkswagen Van

He applied several coats rubbing each one down with 1200 wet and dry, finally using T Cut then polish.  I must admit I was impressed when I saw the finish. It would have been hard work but well worth it.

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