Coo-Var Prime-All Stain Block Paint

Coo-Var have added a new stain block product to their range of maintenance coatings.

Introducing Coo-Var Prime-All Stain Block

Coo-Var have launched a new product to the market. Coo-Var Stain Block is a white primer which has been tested on numerous surfaces and stains. Prime-All is a new product formulated by Coo-Var to prime and seal most surfaces. Substrates include wood, metal, plaster, and many plastics. Prime-All prevents stains from bleeding through the finish paint coating.

Coo-Var Prime All is a low odour solvent based alkaline resistant paint. The formulation is for application to interior and exterior surfaces. It is touch dry in just 1 hour and provides a hard finish within 4 hours. Prime-All has a theoretical coverage of 10 metres square per litre. It has proven to be an economical solution to stain blocking. Always use 2 coats of the Coo-Var Prime-All at 90 degrees to each other. This is to provide effective stain blocking.

More about Coo-Var

Coo-var Paints is the retail and trade name for maintenance coatings from Teal and Macrill. Established in 1908, they are a family owned company based in Hull. In recent years the business has grown under the guidance of Geoff Macrill and plans are now in place to build a new manufacturing plant adjacent to the old facility.

Finally, for more information on this product simply visit our web site. Should you require information on any of our other products, we have a highly knowledgeable Technical Team who can help to guide you to the perfect product for your project. 

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