Promain’s Georgian Fire Coating For Steel

First, just to clarify … the team at Promain always get a buzz when we’re able to deliver great advice and fulfil our customers’ requirements.

That said, when a regular customer contacted Promain regarding a project for No. 76 Dean Street, a Georgian Property in Soho, any urges for a ‘Wild Cow’ reaction had to be restrained when it was realised that this property forms part of the Soho Estates portfolio.

76 Dean Street had been decimated by fire in 2009 – it is, at last, being sensitively transformed – something that the likes of Lucy Inglis may be happy to hear about. The architectural design company, SODA had been tasked with bringing the building’s derelict state back to life.

Fire Paints
Fire Paints

Our Client called for advice regarding the provision of a fire protective coating for structural steel within the building. As the interior structure had been destroyed in such a devastating blaze, we were understandably sensitive to the requirements of the bigger picture involved.

Promain’s Specification

Only the best products would be considered and our Client had certainly come to the right place for those.

Nino, a member of the Promain Technical Team, who specialises in Fire Paint and Intumescent Coatings, was on the case.

Asking perceptive questions regarding the dimensions of the steels, he was able to provide the correct advice on the product to use and relevant technical information, such as the correct loading rate for the paint product.

In this particular case, it wasn’t necessary to ask any questions about the age and condition of the steels; all were obviously newly replaced.

The product that was recommended was FireKill Steel 60. A high quality coating that provides protection of 30 and 60 minutes fire resistance to structural steel and cast iron.

FireKill Flame Retardant Topcoat is a perfect companion to the FireKill Steel 60, which forms part of the range of Promain flame-retardant paint finishes. This product is ideal for providing a decorative surface. It is available in a range of colours and choice of matt, gloss or satin finishes. FireKill Flame Retardant Topcoat has also been tested to British Standard 476 Part 6 (Class 0).

Please be aware, in order to ensure the correct flame retardant protection is achieved, it is essential to enlist the knowledge of a specialist like Nino. These products are finely tuned to each individual surface (hence the need for the questions mentioned above).

Do you need advice on Firekill Fire Protection?

We have been watching, with professional pleasure, the life being breathed back into 76 Dean Street. Although this is a high profile project, if you have the necessity to ensure fire protection to your project do contact Promain, if you require any more assistance, or call 01462 421 333 to ensure confidence in achieving the correct level of flame retardant.

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