Protecting Metal Roofing Sheets

Noxyde Metal Cladding Paint
Noxyde Metal Cladding Paint For Metal Roofing Sheets

Promain are often called upon for their vast knowledge of specialist paints.  Our technical department received a call from a gentleman in the Shetland Islands. He requires a paint to protect his home’s corrugated metal roof from the salty sea air. This is often accompanied by force 9 and 10 gales. This wind makes the roofing sheets bend and flex.

To prevent any further rust and corrosion we have recommended Noxyde which is a superb water based rust inhibiting coating. Due to the harsh weather conditions, any lesser product simply will not do!

For more information on Rustoleum Noxyde see our website. We have various coatings for metal roofing sheets. For any other water or solvented based cladding paints please call and discuss your requirements. Our team is available on 01462 421 333.

Rustoleum Noxyde Metal Cladding Paint
Rustoleum Noxyde Metal Cladding Paint