Secret Paint Job for Talyllyn Steam Locomotives

The Talyllyn line in Gwynedd celebrates it’s 150th anniversary. Therefore, two of the original engines that served on the line have been restored to their former glory. This is by receiving a secret makeover. Photographs of the engines were used to recreate the livery that the engines had when they were first produced.

Introducing The Project

The two engines No.1 Talyllyn and No.2 Dolgoch, originally built in 1865 and 1866, have been painted in ‘Indian Red’. When photos of the engines were posted on the railway’s Facebook page, they received over 3000 likes in only a few days, as well as sparking a lot of interest in the railway, and the work that has been carried out on the engines.

The painting of the engines is the first in a number of special events that have been planned. This is to celebrate the 150th Anniversary of the line. It is hoped that the interest that has been created in the engines will encourage people to attend these other events. The railway was originally built to transport slate.

The line is thought to be one of the first preserved railways in the world. This was after it was saved by volunteers in 1951. The railway has another claim to fame in that it inspired the Thomas the Tank Engine stories by Rev. W. Awdry.

Promain’s Heritage Projects

Promain have worked for many years with societies that help preserve the wonderful heritage of Great Britain. We regularly support classic railways with technical advice on paint coatings and preparation. The Electric Railway Company (see previous Blog), were looking for a coating for the roofs of their carriages that were leaking and following a discussion a paint system was produced using Rustoleum Noxyde a 400% elastomeric water based paint that was easy to apply and will offer many years of protection from the elements.

Therefore, the current specification for railway carriages on new rolling stock is a very similar product to Noxyde. It is a product called Scotchkote Polynox 136 formally Thortex Poly-Nox. Again this is a single pack water based, acrylic, anti corrosive coating. In conclusion, it is designed to provide ultra long term protection. Finally, it is produced by 3M.

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