SikaGard Decking Preserver

SikaGard Decking Preserver has been specially developed for weathered hardwood timber decking and also tenderized wooden decking. SikaGard Decking Preserver is not only solvent free but also contains no VOCs. A further benefit is that it is not only non-flammable but also low odour making it suitable for use in confined exterior areas. SikaGard Decking Preserver will dramatically reduce decay caused by water ingress and algae from growing on the surface, the cause of slippery surfaces.

Decking Oil Decking Stain for Wood from Promain
Decking Oil Decking Stain for Wood from Promain

This decking preserver will extend the life of your timber deck by preventing the timber from swelling or splitting.

SikaGard Decking Preserver suitable for the protection of the surface of the timber. Due to a unique formulation it will penetrate deep into cut end grain providing long lasting protection. If you require a quality preserver for your decking then SikaGard will offer you superior long lasting performance superior to solvent based coatings.

With Sika’s new micro emulsion technology it makes Decking Preserver easy to apply by brush or low-pressure spray. It is also an ideal product for dipping.

Finally, if you need additional help or advice on protecting your timber deck, give our Technical Team a call! They can offer advice on the most suitable product for your specific decking.

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