News: Thermoplastic Car Charging Points

AppAs the electric car market evolves in the UK, thermoplastic car charging signage and points are becoming more a more frequent piece of street furniture. With the risks of pollution and high emissions, it is clear that electric transport is high on the governments agenda.

Transport for London (TfL) are looking to invest £18m on London’s electric car charging network up to 2020. Privately owned land such as Shell petrol stations and Heathrow Airport also have schemes that are in the process of being implemented over the next few years.

Promain are busy providing thermoplastic car charging identification to councils and businesses nationwide via thermoplastic parking bay identification.

Electric Car Charging

The Future of Electric Car Charging Points

Transport for London’s first new car charging points became operational over Summer 2017. These state of the art units are capable to power vehicles in close to 30 minutes. This new power system is much more convenient compared with the three to four hours when using previous connections. TfL’s aim is to see 75 charging points in situ by the end of December. The charging network aims to grow to 150 by the end of 2018 with 300 units fully functioning by 2020.

Heathrow Airport have confirmed over half of its cars have gone electric, after previously pledging to make their whole fleet of small vans and cars electric by 2020. At present, Heathrow have over 80 charging points available to its staff, passengers, and air side vehicles. It plans to spend over £5m on charging infrastructure by the end of next year.

Heathrow are also working with Transport for London (TfL) to install rapid charging points for London’s new electric black cabs by the end of the year. All newly licensed cabs have to be zero emissions capable from January.

London’s Electric Car Charging Points

TfL is working with the boroughs and investing £18 million to unlock potential sites, including upgrading the power supply. TfL maintain the new strategic hubs on arterial roads. These are off-road locations that have potential to house a number of fast charge points.

This charging network will be vital in assisting the greening of London’s iconic black cab fleet, with many charging points dedicated exclusively to their use by the end of 2018.


Promain’s Thermoplastic Car Charging Logos

With all these new points being planned, it is vital correct identification is allowed for to help customers find points quickly and easily. Promain already provide a wide range of thermoplastic logos for road use. Our designs include speed roundels, hazard teeth, zebra crossings, and numbers and letters. We also provide thermoplastic games for school playground use.

Promain are here to help contractors and councils with the supply of thermoplastic car charging logos. Promain supply a huge range of thermoplastic products to both London Underground and TfL. Thermoplastic logos are ideal for councils and contractors alike. Artwork now stay consistent. Application is quick and easy with use of a gas torch.

Our full range of thermoplastic designs can be found here on our website.

Preparation for Use of Thermoplastic

All application surfaces must be clean, dry and free from any contaminants such as oil, grease, petrol, wax and loosely adhered materials prior to the application of the thermoplastic logos.

Any smooth, polished surface such as concrete or bitumen / blacktop surfaces with a high stone content requires a primer/tack coat to be applied before application of the Thermoplastic Car Charging logos. Promain recommends the use of Tack Coat in all these circumstances. On aged asphalt you do not require tack coat.

tHERMOPLASTIC GAS TORCHEquipment Required for Application

– Portable universal medium gas torch and appropriate fuel such as Centrecoat Thermoplastic Gas Torch
– A stiff bristled brush
Centrecoat Tack Coat for Thermoplastic
– A Hand-held Dispenser (for aggregate)

Application of Thermoplastic Car Charging Logos

Sweep the road surface with a stiff bristled brush ensuring surface is free from dust, dirt, etc. Remove moisture from the surface by holding the gas torch 1 to 6 inches above the surface. Start at one end and move the flame from side to side over the area.

Apply the Tack Coat to the surface and leave to dry.

Carefully lay out the thermoplastic car charging logo in position. Be careful not to let design materials come in contact with one another as they could fuse together. Lay out the symbol, pre beaded side up in the required position before starting to apply heat.

Thermoplastic Car ChargingHold the gas torch 4 to 6 inches above the thermoplastic car charging logo. Make sure you let the thermoplastic melt in a methodical fashion.

The product will bubble and melt as it binds permanently with the surface. We recommend to slightly over-torch the material to ensure the heat. However, ensure not to overheat the material. Any discolouration that appears during the application will soon disappear after trafficking as the product ages.

Once cool, you can walk or drive on the thermoplastic car charging logo.

Promain can provide thermoplastic designs for you and your clients. Contact our sales team today on 01462 421333 for the most up to date products and prices for you and your clients.

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