Bedec Extra-Flex: University of London

The Property Management Unit (PMU) of the University of London manage a small number of flats. They are for visiting senior academics who visit to the University to study, teach or work. Typically at one of its Colleges or Institutes, the flats are used on a temporary basis. The external render of these properties has had an update with Bedec Extra-Flex.

Bedec Masonry Paint from Promain
Bedec Masonry Paint from Promain

Bedec Extra-Flex

Following a tender to repaint the exterior of a number of residential properties for the University of London, Bedec Extra Flex was proposed by Promain as the preferred coating. Offering an exact sheen and colour match to the existing coating on the Grade 2 listed buildings, it is also able to cover fine hairline cracks in the render.

The Benefits of Extra Flex

  • Smooth finish masonry paint
  • Long lasting coating
  • Micro porous
  • Flexible – prevents cracking
  • Fine crack bridging
  • Stretches up to 400%
  • Available to mix in pastel colours
  • Most colours available by special order.

Given these points, it’s easy to see why this was the preferred choice of coating.

The contractor said:

“It is a flexible rubbery coating. The paint is not only extremely easy to apply it but was able cover the hairline cracks brilliantly. It adheres and covers unbelievably well”

The PMU manages accommodation for both student and visiting academics. Futhermore, the PMU also provides centrally managed self-catering flats and houses for around 270 full-time students.

Find out more about Bedec Extra-Flex by contacting our technical team. Our technical team are incredibly knowledgeable! They will help advise you no matter your project. For more information, call 01462 421333.

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