Anti-Fouling & Maintenance of Your Boat

It’s hard to imagine that spring is drawing nearer – the days are already starting to show signs of getting longer though. Have you noticed? As gardeners’ thoughts turn to seed catalogues, boat owners will be considering (and itching) to get overwintered boats out on the water again. Promain provides an extensive range of Marine, Boat and Yacht Products – some of which are very versatile – and their use is often not just limited to this genre. Promain would like to introduce our selection of anti-fouling paints available via our web shop.

Getting Ready For Winter

One vital component in owning a boat is the question of how to store a boat when it’s not in use. Several factors may linger in a boat or marina owner’s mind. These will include budget, convenience and the requirement for accessibility.

The type of storage chosen, will depend on the size of the boat, its purpose, the season in mind and budgetary restrictions. Seasons will definitely play a big role in deciding the type of storage for any boat or yacht. During the summer, quick access is essential while, out of season, the security, safety and protection of the vessel, are the main concerns.

With the milder weather, over the weekend, interest has surfaced in the form of online orders for Marine Products such as Anti-Fouling paint. At Promain, we are well aware of all that is necessary, before a boat or yacht slips into the water.

Air Circulation

Air circulation is very important during winter storage. Wooden boats, in particular, need a lot of air circulation, in order to avoid wood deterioration and the occurrence of mildew. With this in mind, owners should avoid sealing the boat with covers that are too tight, to avoid this drawback. When using shrink wraps, vents should be installed in the covers, whilst ensuring that there is enough air circulation inside the cabins. Opening the deck hatches can allow ventilation of the bilge areas. Moreover, you can also leave the cabin doors and drawers ajar to allow added air circulation.

Storage During the Boating Season

Storage Option Details


By far the most convenient suggestion for vessel storage, during the boating season. It could be considered the ultimate convenience in storing a boat of any size; buying or renting a marina slip is the way to go! Keep in mind that prices for storing a boat at a marina varies, depending on the length of boat or slip. Additionally, marinas will usually offer winter storage, together with other service options – making the all-season boat storage process more accessible and convenient.

Boat Lift

Owners of beach front properties can install equipment which can pull or lift a boat or yacht, out of the water after boating, which can be very advantageous. These boat lifting designs vary from small derricks to bigger floating docks.


Storing your boat on a trailer, in your driveway or backyard, is a cost effective consideration. A boat trailer allows you the flexibility of being able to choose where and when to launch your boat, whether a sea or freshwater option is the preference.

Rack Storage

Rack storing (or dry stacking) is another way of storing a small boat. A common rack storage facility cradles the boat on a covered trailer. When the owner wishes to launch, the can call the storage facility, so the vessel can be retrieved and launched on arrival.

Upside Down on the Road

This sounds weird, but storing boats upside down is the most common type of storage among boat owners. The hull becomes its own boathouse. Air circulation must be ensured (as detailed above) and this is accommodated by ‘blocking’ the boat off the ground. This type of storing is best for dinghies and other small boats.

Wet Dock

A wet dock is often referred to as a boat well or slip. With wet docks, small boat allows you to get under way with the least amount of fuss. However, with a larger vessel, ranging up to 32 feet, it must remain afloat between uses. It is impracticable – and can be logistically impossible to haul large boats or yachts out of the water – re-launching them again, when needed. In addition, wet docks allows a boat to be used as a habitat, since most marinas are equipped with electricity and water hookups.

Choosing between Inside or Outside Storing

A hard decision, perhaps, which provides many considerations in the minds of boat owner. Whether to store inside, with heated storage or outside, under shrink wrap. What are the advantages:

Storing Inside Outside Storing
  • Accessibility to a boat for possible repairs throughout the winter season
  • Added protection from environmental factors such as ice and snow
  • Less prone to damage or vandalism
  • More cost effective than storing inside
  • Quick access for maintenance during the spring season

Introducing Promain’s Range of Anti-Fouling Paints

The most vital part of protection on a boat is the hull. Boat bottom paints, also known as anti-fouling is a huge industry no matter the size of your vessel. Promain would like to introduce the best anti-fouling bottom paint from the most reputable manufacturers.

Teamac Antifouling D Plus

anti-fouling Paint from PromainTeamac’s Antifouling D Plus is a physically ablative anti-fouling that offers excellent performance and protection to boat bottoms.

With a softer film than our Tropical Killa, this anti-fouling paint offers superior anti-fouling performance. This boat paint is designed for vessels with a maximum speed of 25-30 knots. Teamac Anti-fouling D Plus also has other great benefits including being able to last 18-24 months before you need to re-coat.  (do not keep your boat in direct sunlight as this will affect the anti-fouling performance).

Features Technical Details
  • Designed for vessels with a maximum speed of 25-30 knots
  • Your boat can be launched from 8 hours after anti-fouling application to 3 months
  • For a primer, use Teamac Metaclor Underwater Primer is ideal for use with this product
  • Water based
  • Matt finish
  • 100% waterproof, washable and micro porous
  • Theoretical Coverage: 400g per m2 with 2 coats
  • Tintable to over 30,000 colours
  • Available in 6 and 15 Kg

Teamac Tropical Killa Anti-Fouling

This Teamac anti-fouling paint is an economical paint offering good performance and protection. Tropical Killa provides a scrubbable surface for durable protection. Suitable for both domestic and commercial craft with a maximum speed of 20 knots.

Please note, this anti-fouling paint is not suitable for aluminium vessels.

Features Technical Details
  • A modified resin / chlorinated rubber based composition containing cuprous oxide
  • Suitable For GRP, Steel, Wood
  • Suitable for boat speeds up to 25 – 30 knots maximum
  • 2 coats required
  • Appearance: Semi-gloss
  • Application: Brush, Roller, Airless Spray
  • Touch Dry: 2 hours Hard Dry: 12 hours
  • Theoretical Coverage: 10m2 per litre
  • Available in 2.5, 5 and 20 Litres

On larger commercial vessels that are not lifted regularly and have to go to dry dock for below the waterline maintenance, they will typically use products from large industrial manufacturers such as Jotun. These include Jotun Seaforce, Seamate, Seaconomy and SeaQuantum. Dur to the restrictions imposed by the manufacturer, we are only able to sell the above Jotun products to professional users only. PPG Marine and Industrial Coatings also offer a range of coatings suitabnle for larger vessels. These include:

  • PPG SIGMAGLIDE® (100% pure silicone, biocide free)
  • PPG’s SIGMA NEXEON™ (organic-activated surface, copper free)
  • PPG SIGMA SAILADVANCE™ RX and GX (CSP lubricating/slippery surface technology)

You can read more about PPG’s range of Anti-Fouling paints on PPG’s website here.

Otherwise, Sherwin Williams and Hempel formulate a huge range of marine products suitable for cruise liners, MoD use and oil rigs.


For advice on how to apply your anti-foul yourself safely, please visit created by the BCF (British Coatings Federation).

Want to find out more about marine paints available from Promain? Contact our technical team on 01462 421333. Promain are the UK’s favourite supplier of advice and marine products.

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