Promain on Episode 1 of ITV Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Home & Garden

Alan Titchmarsh’s Love Your Home and Garden producers recently contacted Promain looking for advice on paints and coatings for family homes in the local area.

Due to the popularity of ITV’s Love Your Garden, Spun Gold TV commissioned a series of special programmes. These episodes are focusing on the renovation of the families homes internally as well as the gardens. These are special shows that build on the incredibly popular existing Love Your Garden programmes running in excess of 5 years by transforming the house as well as the garden spaces.

ITV Love Your Home & Garden recognise inspirational people who have found themselves struggling with disabilities or serious health issues. By giving the families a surprise make-over, the company aim to massively improve the quality of the families lives and make living with their disabilities easier.

Designed by professional architects and garden designers to a very high specification, the builds are extremely high quality. This is why Promain were asked for help!

About The Episode’s Family

ITV Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Home & Garden were planning on filming one episode at a property in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire. The family consisted of an exceptional single mother who devotes all her time to her 15-year-old son who was born with multiple disabilities. Sadly his disabilities include living with brain damage, epilepsy, visual impairment and in addition, he is unable to bear weight or speak. Despite this he is an engaging and lively young man! As well as this, his mother also works full time with pupils who also have complicated medical needs. They definitely sounded like a family that would benefit from Alan Titchmarsh’s special touch!

However, their house has become very unsuitable for their future needs. As the mothers son is growing, so is his equipment. This meant that he does not have access beyond the front rooms, restricting the space they both spend their time in. As he can’t join his mother in the kitchen, she is unable to cook any more than quick meals. He loves being outdoors – but their garden has become totally inaccessible to him. ITV Love Your Home & Garden decided that this family were legible for their programme and started the arrangements.

Love Your Home & Garden’s Requirements

ITV Alan Titchmarsh Love Your Home & Garden‘s producer Sian came to Promain looking for advice on interior paints. Originally, the build team were looking at specifying Rustoleum 7500 Alkythane Satin in RAL 6011 Reseda Green. However after discussing this further with the producers and contractors, it was found that an intumescent coating would need to be applied. This is due to building control regulations as part of the design included exposed steel.

Promain’s Intumescent Paint Specification

The RSJ to hold the wall into the conservatory kitchen was the main area that needed to be painted. Due to building control this exposed beam needed painting with a fire protective coating.  This would ensure that in the case of a fire, the homeowners would have sufficient time to exit the building.

Fire protection is complicated and important. Promain’s fire technicians require specific designations of steelwork to ensure correct application and protection. Promain’s technical team discussed how many minutes are required and the steel measurements with ITV Love Your Home & Garden’s build contractors.

The client requested a specific RAL colour (Reseda Green 6011). Because of this, a sacrificial topcoat was required to achieve the colour. A Jotun intumescent system was agreed upon after Tony in our technical team had calculated the designations.

Working as intumescent coat, Jotun Steelmaster 60WB was supplied. As the coloured topcoat, Jotun Pioner Topcoat in RAL 6011 was specified. This system will give 30 minute protection against fire for this individual project. This is the maximum time frame you can get with this size beam.

Introducing Jotun Steelmaster 60WB

love your home and garden paints

Jotun Steelmaster 60WB is a one part waterborne intumescent base coat. Formulated for use to provide fire protection of structural steel exposed to cellulosic fire in C1 to C3 environments.

Jotun Steelmaster 60WB provides up to one hour fire protection to most structural steel sizes. However ensure tto apply the correct thickness. For calculations and advice on applying this and any other intumescent coating please contact the technical department at Promain.

Features Technical Details
  • Suitable for environments C1 to C3
  • Formulated for application to structural steel and carbon steel
  • Offers industry leading loadings for beams and columns contact the technical department at Promain for loadings
  • Low VOC , water borne & high volume solids
  • Low odour
  • Single pack paint
  • Available in White
  • Available in 5 Litres

Introducing Jotun Pioner Topcoat

love your home and garden paints

Jotun Pioner Topcoat is a quick drying, single pack, acrylic resin based topcoat. Promain recommend as a finishing coat for applications to concrete or steel substrates.

Pioner Topcoat is suitable for exterior and interior applications and in a variety of climatic conditions. Furthermore, Jotun Pioner Topcoat is available in a wide choice of colour options from the Multicolor Industry (MCI) tinting system.


Features Technical Details
  • Water resistant and quick drying
  • Suitable for application at low temperatures
  • Recommended for marine topside and super structure surfaces therefore also as a protective top coating for industrial structures
  • Semi Gloss finish
  • HAPAS approved to specification 2903
  • Theoretical Coverage: 6.8 Litres per m²
  • Tintable to a vast range of BS and RAL colours
  • Available in 5 Litres

Promain only supplied a small part of the huge shopping list required for the project. The site required a full new kitchen, landscaping the garden, flooring and more. Nevertheless, the intumescent paint required was one of the most important components specified.

The show aired 09/10/2018 on ITV. To re-watch the show again on catch up click here:

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