Milestone Society

Milestone Society specifications are available from Promain. Centrecoat Rapid Dry Primer and Centrecoat Rapid Dry Gloss are suitable for brush application to small areas. When you require a rapid return to service this is ideal. For large areas we would suggest you apply Rapid Dry products by airless paint spray.

Milestone Society Quote

Many thanks for your interest as well as your extremely generous practical support. A very honourable mention will be made on Also I will mention you on our Facebook group. Your ‘case study advice’ description on the Society’s Conservation page,

Centrecoat Rapid Dry Gloss

Centrecoat Rapid Dry Gloss is a single pack quick drying industrial paint formulated using xylene. It produces an acrylic resin based topcoat that is suitable for use on both steel and concrete. Rapid Dry Gloss is suitable for application at low temperatures. When applying by spray it will produce a smooth satin gloss finish, however application by to small areas can be by brush or roller.

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