PPG Sigma Paint for Olympic Park in London

PPG Marine and Industrial Paints
PPG Marine and Industrial Paints

We have been asked to produce a specification for a coating to be applied to a number of bridges over rivers around the Olympic Park London. These coatings will not only need to offer 25 years corrosive protection but also protection against graffiti. The product that has been suggested is PPG PSX 700 with SigmaDur 640 as a primer build coat applied to blasted steel.

The London 2012 Olympic Park is a sporting complex that will be used in the 2012 Olympic Games. It will host various sporting events and will be re-named the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park after the 2012 Olympics and Paralympics have taken place.

The Park will include the London Aquatics Centre. Here the Olympics’ swimming, diving, synchronised swimming and water polo events will all take place. The park will also host the Olympic Hockey Centre, where the men’s and women’s Olympic hockey tournaments will take place.

The Olympic Park will be home to the Basketball Arena and Handball Arena. This is where those two sports’ Olympic tournaments will be played. The Olympic Park will also be home of the London Velopark; this velodrome will host the Olympics’ track cycling events. The BMX Circuit will stand next to the velodrome.

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