Parking Line Paint Project in Newcastle

Although the weather is really not suitable this time of year to apply paint externally, Promain were asked to provide a parking line paint solution in Newcastle.

Requirements For Parking Line Paint

The site was a recently refurbished office block just outside of Newcastle. This project also required a disabled parking logo. Promain provide a huge range of thermoplastic line markings, thermoplastic logos and parking line paint stencils. With the temperature hovering around freezing with light rain and the forecast for the following two weeks it was important to pick a suitable product.

The client asked if a water based line paint would be suitable as he knew that solvent based epoxy or chlorinated rubber line marking paints would not be. This would be as they both needed a dry surface to be applied to. Even MMA, Methyl Methacrylate cold plastic lining system was not suitable with the poor conditions being experienced.

The contractor contemplated drying the tarmac surface with a propane gas torch. He was still concerned that the rain would damage the paint with its extended drying times caused by the low temperature.

Specifying Parking Line Paint

It was found that Thermoplastic line marking tape was a better answer considering the weather. The road surface could be dried quickly with the propane gas torch this way. The 5 metre long pre-formed 100mm wide line could be rolled out and cut with a sharp knife to length, then again melted with the propane torch.

This only took a few moments and the lines were fixed into place providing a crisp, instant line. The parking line paint was not only long lasting but dried almost instantly even in the terrible weather conditions. A pre-formed Disabled Parking Logo 800mm high was also provided. This meant the car park could be finished in time to meet his tight deadline.

Promain regularly have contact with Dean at DJR Line Marking. DJR are Kent based contractor that have several prestigious projects under their belt. With the ability to work on sites around the UK, DJR may be suitable for your job. Visit their site at

Do you require any further information in regards parking line paint? View our line marking category on our website for a comprehensive range of products. Otherwise, please contact our technical team on 01462 421333 to discuss your requirements further.

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