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It was a job that required a great deal of organisation and planning. The multinational PPG has provided paint, which have been added dyes of high strength with technology and industrial machine red high precision metric, also provided by the company and located in the center of the A-3 against Airport Manises.

The multinational has made paint adhesion weekly checks

Mestalla Stadium Selemix Case Study

With approved radiators, which is reflected in a dramatic new look of the stands of Mestalla that both liked the Valencian supporters and all visitors. This, together with the perfect work of the maintenance area of Valencia CF has also closely monitored these tasks.

Mestalla seats are one-piece high-back, designed according to recommendations of the UEFA and FIFA, and a stabilized injection molded high quality plastic (polypropylene) housing.

This support has pores and, consequently, with difficult adhesion making it difficult to paint. After many tests it was found that the direct line metal painted Selemix System, specializing in the market of light industry mark was the perfect choice.

And it Selemix System is composed of a wide range of colored inks and a full range of resins latest generation components which have proved effective in how seats have been Mestalla after work done. This combination thus allows a minimum stock and, thus, minimize financial costs. For example, the resin used for coating the seats is direct metal with a degree of gloss of 70%, ie, maximum efficiency in a single layer. The painting process is the preparation of the surface, with pressure water cleaning and degreasing to remove contaminants. Then two coats of direct metal 70% brightness which has used the black and white, orange.

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