Alternatives To Sandtex Masonry Paint

Before you apply Sandtex masonry paint or exterior masonry paint ask yourself this question. Is this paint suitable for your building? People go to the large DIY warehouses such as Wickes to buy Sandex paint and expect it to be suitable for all applications. This is not the case.

The Issues That Can Come From Using The Incorrect Masonry Paint

Many buildings in Great Britain have been constructed before the introduction of a damp proof course. If your building does not have a DPC, moisture will be absorbed from the ground. This moisture needs to escape into the atmosphere. Many exterior masonry paints will not allow this moisture to escape. This is where the extensive knowledge of the technical team at Promain Paints can advise you on the best exterior masonry paint for your circumstance.

If a masonry paint is applied to your walls that is not suitable, it can manifest a world of problems. These can be damp or blistering on internal walls, blistering of render and degradation of bricks. A by product of moisture in walls is that water is extremely good at absorbing heat. It will absorb the heat from your home making it feel continuously cold inside. Also, mould will start to grow and will also feed off the ingredients found in emulsion paint. This creates not only an unsightly finish and smell but also a dangerous environment for you and your family.

We regularly have to help rescue buildings with moisture issues. For example, take a look at this case study:

A cheap masonry paint is expensive in the long run. At worst, you may have to re-render, and you may need to replace belongings due to mould. Cheap paint but in long run it has cost you more. Moss and growth on outside walls isn’t just unsightly.

Below we will discuss the best alternatives to general masonry paint such as Wickes outdoor paint or Sandtex masonry paint.

Promain’s Alternatives to Sandtex Masonry Paint

There isn’t just one type of masonry paint on the market! The best alternative to Sandtex masonry paint depends upon your intention. Does your exterior wall have a render? Does it suffer from cracks? If it does have cracks, we would recommend applying an elastomeric exterior wall paint.

Masonry Paint PromainFrom our extensive knowledge built up over the past 25 years, possibly the best elastomeric wall paint would be Rust-Oleum Murfill Renovation. Murfill Renovation will cover gaps up to 2mm wide whilst giving you a 100% washable finish that is also microporous. It is also 400% elastomeric – so as movement occurs in the building the paint will not crack allowing further moisture to penetrate his asset. This will also protect the coating from cracking, peeling and flaking.

Products such as Bedec Extra Flex are suitable for use over roughcast, pebble dash or sand and cement renders. Products such as Mapei Silancolor Pittura is a breathable masonry paint containing silicon base resins. Therefore, it offers the advantages of traditional mineral based paints and the synthetic paints all in one.

Many listed buildings require more traditional coatings. These traditional exterior paints need to be extremely microporous and offer that rustic traditional matt finish. Exterior Limewash is perfect for listed buildings and cottages in traditional settings.

For buildings in a city, or structures such as car parks, we can offer anti carbonation coatings. These will protect the walls from the effects of carbon emissions from exhaust pipes. Otherwise carbon fumes will affect the integrity of the reinforced concrete. Remmers Color PA is an ideal, water-based CO2 inhibiting coating in this category.

Long Life Masonry Paints

Promain focusses on high performance paint products for specific jobs. Many of our products such as Glixtone AC1 offer 30 year life expectancy with outstanding levels of protection from the weather. This makes them ideal for application to coastal locations.

We can even recommend masonry paints for lighthouses! Murfill Waterproofing from Rust-Oleum comes with a 10 year guarantee and has an approval from Trinity House.

To prevent unsightly mould and algae growth on masonry paints, you can incorporate a paint additive such as Centrecoat R155 into your paint. Centrecoat R155 is suitable for adding to most water-based paints. This product is simply added to the paint and thoroughly mixed in.

Promain Can Tint Masonry Paints To Almost Any Colour!

We don’t stop at 50 shades of grey – sorry blue, no pink! Or any colour really! We can tint to any colours such as Sandtex exterior paint colours including Sandtex fern canopy. Are looking for a fern paint colour for your masonry, or even a Sandtex blue masonry paint? Promain can tint masonry paint to whatever your requirements.

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