Getting Minimal With White Masonry Paint

White Masonry Paint

Continuing Promain‘s series on exterior masonry paints we now take a look at white masonry paint.  Although this may seem a ‘safe’ or ‘bland’ colour, with a few accents like coloured shutters and doors, white can really make your property stand out, as well as giving the appearance of being both clean and fresh.

Painting your property will not only leave your home looking aesthetically pleasing, but will also help improve and protect your home against the elements for many years to come. If you are looking to sell your property, then bear in mind that the front of the house is the first thing potential buyers will see.  A splash of paint could be the perfect way to show any potential buyers that you have looked after, and cared for your home.

Whatever your reason for painting the exterior of your property, continue reading to find out why white could be the perfect colour. In addition we have answers to many of the common questions people have before starting their own house painting project.

White In Psychology

  • White brings sophistication, simplicity, purity and cleanliness
  • It encourages us to clear clutter or obstacles
  • White evokes peace and can represent new beginnings
  • It is reflective and therefore bright
  • Did you know that white cars are the safest kind of car?  With that in mind, imagine what it could mean for your house!

Accentuate The Positive

Below are a few images to show how white masonry paint does not have to be boring – quite the opposite in fact! Using white as the main colour whilst accentuating a few key areas such as the roof, front door, shutters or beams, your home can look clean, fresh and stand out gorgeous!

white masonry paint

Inspiring Properties In White

White Masonry PaintKeim Paints are synonymous with Heritage buildings throughout the world and have even been used in The White House in Washington DC.

Designed by James Hoban, the white house was originally painted with lime based whitewash to help protect the stone from freezing temperatures.

A little known fact is that the building is painted every year and takes around 570 gallons of paint.  That’s a lot of white paint!

Another inspiring white building is the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

Designed by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, the building is a landmark in twentieth century architecture. Built in 1959, the building now gets almost as many visitors for the architecture as it does for the paintings and art that it houses.

Where Can I Buy White Masonry Paint?

We understand that redecorating the exterior of your home is a big decision. So having made that decision you want to make sure that the work is done as quickly and cost effectively as possible, whilst still ensuring that you are using the best and most suitable product for your property.

For the less experienced painters, there are so many products on the market these days making choosing the correct product for your needs a real headache.  Promain aim to make this as easy as possible for you. As distributors for many reputable manufacturers and industry leaders, including Bedec, Sika, Rust-Oleum and Tor Glixtone amongst others, we are sure to be able to provide the perfect solution for your needs.

Promain do not sell cheap masonry paint, but that does not mean it is expensive. We are able to supply the most relevant long lasting masonry paint for all types of projects, big and small. In addition we have an experienced technical team who can guide and assist you with advice from the planning stage to preparation and completion.

Below is a small sample of some of our most popular masonry paints:

Keim Royalan

A mineral silicate based paint for hot, humid tropical conditions or harsh cold or coastal environments. It is designed to be well suited for use in almost all exposed locations and those subject to continual pollutants and contaminants.

The crystalline nature of Keim Royalan will allow vapour to pass freely through the coating from the substrate and at the same time will protect against the ingress of moisture. Ideal for coating ceramic and hard substrates such as tiles and brickwork.

Features Technical Details
  • Ideally suited for severe exposure locations
  • Extreme Long Life
  • Increases light reflectivity
  • Highly resistant to weathering
  • Reduced tendency to form cracks
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Manufactured from waterglass (potassium silicate) and natural earth oxides
  • Inherently incombustible
  • Theoretical coverage 0.2 kg per m2 per coat, always apply two coats
  • Available in 5.0 kg and 25kg units

Rustoleum Murfill Quartz Waterproofer

Rustoleum Murfill Quartz textured masonry paint
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Rustoleum Murfill Quartz is an elastomeric waterproofing for use on masonry, concrete and brick.

It can be used to repair small to middle sized areas of damage or irregularities in a variety of different surfaces. Rustoleum Murfill Quartz Waterproofer is best used in a light industrial environment to provide great resistance against ageing and weathering.

Features Technical Details
  • Coating & waterproofing of walls & façades
  • Repair small areas of damage or irregularities in the substrate
  • Elastic, waterproof and water vapour permeable
  • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environments
  • Water based
  • Fine quartz structure
  • Flexible paint that should be applied by brush or perforated foam roller
  • Theoretical coverage 1-2.5 kg per m2
  • Available in 6kg & 15kg tubs


Glixtone EM18 Textured Coating

Glixtone EM18 Textured Paint Promain
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EM18 Tough-Cote High Build flexible textured coating offers extremely durable protection against extreme conditions for up to 15 years.

Glixtone EM 18 Tough-cote Textured Coating is environmentally friendly while still offering excellent adhesion to all sound surfaces, furthermore it can also be used to conceal small chips. If the surface has any defects, by applying a textured coating, often these defects can be hidden without the need for repairs.

Features Technical Details
  • Suitable for internal & external use
  • Provides tough, flexible, long lasting protective coating
  • Ready for use with no mixing or stirring
  • Conceals chips
  • Decorative coating
  • UV protection for long lasting colour
  • Water based
  • Glixtone Tough-Cote EM 18 is self coloured
  • Deters vandals in public area
  • Flexible film resists cracking and therefore reduces maintenance costs
  • Coverage 6-8 m2 per tub
  • Available in 15 Kg tubs

When Is The Best Time To Apply Masonry Paint?

When it comes to starting your project you will need to take a few things into consideration, most of all, the weather!  Masonry paint should not be applied during the Winter months when the temperature is below 10°C or during the height of Summer when temperatures are above 35°C.

Before You Start

We hope this article has inspired you and given you the confidence to update the exterior of your property with white masonry paint. However, before you start make sure that you have asked yourself the following questions:

If you would like more information on the full range of masonry paints available from Promain along with the relevant technical information, please visit our web page on masonry paints here.

Send Us Your Pictures!

Finally, with your permission, we would love to share before and after pictures of your project on our website, no matter how large or small the project. If you would like to contribute your photographs we would love to hear from you. Please contact us on either 01462 421333 or by email [email protected]

Masonry Paint is also sometimes known as:

  • Exterior masonry paint
  • Exterior paint
  • Masonary paint
  • Masonery paint
  • White masonry paint
  • Sandtex Masonry Paint
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