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Pink House

Continuing our theme of articles on exterior masonry paint, today we are taking a look at Pink Masonry Paint – perfect for getting you geared up for the Summer!

With so many different shades of pink masonry paint available, Promain are sure to find the perfect colour for you.  And as well as looking stunning in the sunshine, pink masonry paint can also brighten up your home in the Winter.

Pinks in Colour Psychology

  • Pink has a calming effect – it suggests comfort and safety
  • It is the colour of optimism – think rose tinted glasses!
  • Soft tones of pink are reassuring, warm and intuitive
  • One of the biggest trends in colour this year is Millennial Pink which is appearing everywhere!

Beautiful Pink Properties

With so many different shades of pink on offer, from baby pink through to bright fuchsia, the possibilities of brightening your home and increasing kerb appeal are endless. Take a look at some of the images below which we hope will inspire you into turning your property into a masterpiece.

Pink Masonry Paint

Which Manufacturers Sell Pink Masonry Paint?

Redecorating the exterior of your home is a big decision and so it is important that you choose a product which is suitable for the individual façade of your property. Promain are distributors for a wide range of major and reputable manufacturers of exterior masonry paint. These include Mapei, Bedec, Sika, Keim and Rust-Oleum amongst others. If you do not have much experience when it comes to applying professional paints, selecting the best masonry paint can be a daunting prospect.

First of all – don’t panic! With over 30 years of experience Promain have the knowledge, expertise and products to guide you through your project. Our technical team are available Monday to Friday on 01462 421333 to answer your questions and provide you with the most suitable product for your needs.

To help get you started, we would like to introduce some of our best selling masonry paints:

Rust-Oleum Murfill Renovation Paint

Blue Masonry Paint PromainRustoleum Murfill Renovation Coating is a 400% elastomeric, 100% waterproof, washable masonry paint. Available in a wide range of 30,000 colours, this external masonry paint is is easy to apply. Murfill also has exceptional covering power and excellent resistance to ageing and contamination.

Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint is ideal for the decoration and rejuvenation of historic and new buildings as well as Monocouche Renders. Whether you are coating interior or exterior walls, this masonry paint will give a decorative coating which remains appealing for years to come.

Features Technical Details
  • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environments
  • Excellent resistance against dirt thanks to its unique formulation
  • Elastic up to 400%
  • Bridges gaps up to 2mm
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Water based
  • Matt finish
  • 100% waterproof, washable and micro porous
  • Theoretical Coverage: 400g per m2 with 2 coats
  • Tintable to over 30,000 colours
  • Available in 6 and 15 Kg

Sika Sikagard 550W

Blue Masonry Paint PromainSika’s Sikagard 550W is an anti carbonation exterior wall coating that offers excellent resistance to harsh elements and ageing. Anti carbonation coatings are designed to protect masonry from pollutants in busy urban areas.

As a result, this makes this masonry paint an ideal solution for customers looking for an intense pink masonry paint. Sikagard 500W can be tinted to thousands of colours no matter the intensity of your pink.

Features Technical Details
  • Environmentally friendly (solvent free)
  • Sikagard® 550W is BBA Certified
  • Bridges cracks, even at low temperatures (-20°C)
  • High diffusion resistance against Co2, reducing the rate of carbonation
  • Complies with the requirements for Class 0
  • Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 0.75 Ltr per m²
  • Tintable to many BS and RAL colours
  • Available in 15 Litres

Glixtone High Performance Masonry Paint AC1

Glixtone AC1 Grey Masonry Paint PromainGlixtone AC1 is an anti-carbonation, high performance masonry paint. AC1 is suitable for harbour buildings, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, boatyards and any area susceptible to carbon pollution, in conclusion this makes it a perfect paint on pink masonry paint.

AC1 is just as suitable in high exposure areas such as national parks or on the moors for example. This high performance masonry paint is highly suited for application to harbour buildings, Monocouche Render, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, or almost all other areas susceptible to carbon pollution. This Masonry Coating provides property owners with a cost effective solution.

Features Technical Details
  • Life expectancy of 30 years
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering
  • Dirt repellent and excellent salt water, alkali, acid, oil and grease resistance
  • Contains a film protective fungicide/algaecide
  • Elastomeric film resists cracking and furthermore moves with the substrate
  • Extremely high moisture vapour permeability
  • Water based
  • Theoretical Coverage: 6m² per litre
  • Tintable to pastel red colours
  • Tintable to other masonry paint colours such as red, green and grey.
  • Available in 5 Litres

Bedec Extra-Flex Masonry Paint

Bedec Extra Flex Grey Masonry Paint
Click here to view in our web shop

Bedec Extra Flex Masonry Paint has up to 400% elasticity, therefore is ideal for use over cracks.

This paint provides surfaces with a smooth, long lasting finish that stretches up to 400%, and therefore aids in the prevention of further cracking, once the fine cracks have been bridged. Extra-Flex is best used to bridge hairline cracks found in exterior walls. Hence it is ideally suited for the protection of exterior masonry, roughcast, pebble-dash, brickwork, cement and concrete rendered surfaces.

Features Technical Details
  • Stretches up to 400%
  • Protects surfaces against further damages due to weathering
  • Microporous
  • Long lasting coating
  • Fine crack bridging
  • Water based so environmentally friendly
  • Smooth finish masonry paint
  • Theoretical Coverage: 10 m2 per litre
  • Touch dry in 2 hours
  • Available to mix in pastel colours
  • Most colours available by special order
  • Available in 5 litres

Pink properties are becoming more popular throughout the UK, particularly in more rural areas.  Suffolk, for example is probably most famous for it’s pink washed properties. Known as ‘Suffolk Pink’, houses, cottages and hotels alike have been painted in selected varying shades of pink since the 14th century. World famous chef Marco Pierre White also has a Suffolk Pink 15th century hotel, The Angel, based in Lavenham, Suffolk.

Pink Masonry Paint

Below we have listed some of our most popular shades of pink, from the ever popular pale shade ‘Rosepetal’ through to the bolder and brighter ‘Rose’ for the more adventurous amongst us. A full comprehensive relevant list can also be found on our colour charts web page here.

The Traditional Paint Company Pink Shades

Chaldon Down
Bankfoot Candymill
Mountjoy Lochside Espresso Crumplehorn
Orchid/Parisian Pink
BS381C 453
Shell Pink
BS381C 454
Pale Roundel Red
RAL 3014
Antique Pink
RAL 3015
Light Pink
RAL 3017
RAL 3018
Strawberry Red

Lastly, for a full comprehensive list of RAL, BS 381C and BS 4800 colours, visit our Colour Charts web page.

Unlike cheap masonry paints from the high street, many of the masonry paints provided by Promain can be tinted to a colour of your choice. Therefore, this gives you a much wider range from which to choose.

So, Which Pink Masonry Paint Is Best For My Home?

As a result, to determine the best exterior masonry paint for you and your property, you need to ask yourself the following questions before you begin:

  • Firstly, what shade of pink masonry paint do I prefer?
  • Therefore, do I want textured masonry paint?
  • Which would suit my property best – a smooth or stucco masonry paint?
  • In addition, how do I apply masonry paint?
  • When is the best time to paint the exterior of my property?
  • Furthermore, do I want an alternative to cheap masonry paint from the high street?
  • Also, do I want an alternative to Weathershield masonry paint?

Firstly, Promain focus on quality, long lasting masonry paint.  As a result, we provide professional products with quality and costs that are suitable for all budgets. Promain’s pink masonry paint is available in either 5 or 10 Litres and also in 5 Kg and 10 Kg depending on the product.

Do you have any other questions on masonry paint? Or maybe any of the other products that Promain supply? Our technical and sales teams will be happy to help. Please contact us on 01462 421333.

Finally, Masonry Paint is also sometimes known as:

  • masonery paint
  • masonary paint
  • exterior wall paint
  • Salmon Pink masonry paint
  • Suffolk Pink masonry paint
  • somerset pink masonry paint
  • pale pink masonry paint
  • hot pink masonry paint
  • bright pink masonry paint
  • salmon pink masonry paint
  • exterior pink paint colors
  • light pink masonry paint
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