Being Brave With Red Masonry Paint

Red Masonry Paint

Once again, as we delve into Promain‘s range of masonry paint colours. Today, we would like to introduce the warmth of red masonry paint. If you are looking for inspiring properties with exterior paint colours you’re in the right place! If you are just looking to refresh your building or sell your home, kerb appeal is especially relevant and of the utmost importance. Read on to find out why being brave with red masonry paint could be ideal for your property as a elegant and bold brick paint colour.

Red in Colour Psychology

  • Red is the warmest colour, invoking safety and home comforts
  • Reminiscent of sunsets and sunrises, reds are generally energizing, passionate, and positive
  • Red is also associated with importance  – think of the red carpet at awards shows and celebrity events
  • In China, red is the colour of prosperity and happiness
  • Red homes are often seen in Nordic countries such as Denmark or Norway
  • Darker shades of red masonry paint can be more powerful and elegant – think red wines & maroon

Looking for more inspiration about coloured masonry paint, visit Architectural Digest’s Exterior Paint Colour Ideas Article here.

Red Painted Buildings With The Wow Factor

Concerned red masonry paint could look aggressive? Below we have a small selection of red buildings to show how the bold tones of red can actually add comfort and most of all, kerb appeal to your home.

Red Masonry Paint

For the history on why falu red masonry paint is used in Nordic countries, read it’s fascinating history on Wikipedia.

Which Manufacturers Sell Red Masonry Paint?

When it comes to redecorating the exterior of your home, it is vital to choose a product suitable for your houses individual construction and build. Promain distribute a wide range of reputable manufacturers that produce exterior masonry paint. These manufacturers include PPG, Mapei, Bedec, Rust-Oleum and PPG. Maybe you do not have much experience applying professional paints. Promain can help you when choosing the best masonry paint for your project. First of all – don’t worry! The last thing Promain or our customers want is to make an expensive, potentially embarrassing mistake on peoples homes. As always, Promain’s technical team are available either via phone or email to discuss your requirements.

We would like to introduce some of our best selling masonry paints to get you started:

Mapei Silexcolor Masonry Paint

Blue Masonry PaintMapei Silexcolor Masonry Paint has excellent resistance to ageing, freezing weather conditions and de-icing salts.  In addition surfaces treated with this product have a very low capacity of attracting dirt. This makes Silexcolor ideal for use on busy road side properties where road salts and gritting are commonplace. Surfaces to be painted with Silexcolor Paint must first be treated with Mapei Silexcolor Primer.

Silexcolor is suitable for application to cement and lime based renders.

Features Technical Details
  • Excellent resistance to ageing, freezing weather conditions and de-icing salts
  • Forms a decorative wash solution without forming a surface skin and which is permeable to vapour
  • Surfaces treated with this product have a very low capacity of attracting dirt.
  • Silicate based
  • Theoretical Coverage: 350-450g per m² for two coats
  • Suitable for interior and exterior application
  • Available 20 Kg

Rust-Oleum Murfill Renovation Paint

Blue Masonry Paint PromainRustoleum Murfill Renovation Coating is a 400% elastomeric, 100% waterproof, washable masonry paint. Available in a wide range of 30,000 colours, this external masonry paint is is easy to apply. Murfill also has exceptional covering power and excellent resistance to ageing and contamination.

Rustoleum Murfill Renovation Paint is ideal for the decoration and rejuvenation of historic and new buildings. It is also ideal for Monocouche Renders. Whether you are coating interior or exterior walls, this masonry paint will give a decorative coating which remains appealing for years to come.

Features Technical Details
  • Excellent resistance against ageing in normal and industrial environments
  • Excellent resistance against dirt thanks to its unique formulation
  • Elastic up to 400%
  • Bridges gaps up to 2mm
  • Water vapour permeable
  • Water based
  • Matt finish
  • 100% waterproof, washable and micro porous
  • Theoretical Coverage: 400g per m2 with 2 coats
  • Tintable to over 30,000 colours
  • Available in 6 and 15 Kg

KEIM Granital Mineral Masonry Paint

Blue Masonry Paint PromainKeim Granital Mineral Paint is an excellently designed, innovative masonry paint that works to provide a high performance exterior walls and surfaces. This paint can be used on any mineral surface and has excellent characteristics that include, UV, heat and water resistance.

This exterior masonry paint owes its incredible durability to crushed glass. The combined glass produces a hard wearing product that physically bonds to the substrate via chemical reaction. Furthermore, we can tint Keim Granital Mineral Paint to a range of tinted red colours available upon request.

Features Technical Details
  • Hinders fungal and algal growth thanks to ideal moisture-balance
  • Economic in terms of consumption
  • Light fast, UV-resistant in all components
  • Resistant to industrial fumes and acid rain
  • Highly water repellent
  • Matt finish
  • Organic and non film forming
  • Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 0.35 Kg per m²
  • Tintable to Keim’s colour range
  • Available in 5 and 25 Kg

Sika Sikagard 550W

Blue Masonry Paint PromainSika’s Sikagard 550W is an anti carbonation exterior wall coating that offers excellent resistance to harsh elements and ageing. Anti carbonation coatings are designed to protect masonry from pollutants in busy urban areas.

As a result this makes this masonry paint an ideal solution for customers looking for an intense or terracotta red masonry paint. Moreover, Sikagard 500W can be tint to thousands of colours no matter the intensity of your red.

Features Technical Details
  • Environmentally friendly (solvent free)
  • Sikagard® 550W is BBA Certified
  • Bridges cracks, even at low temperatures (-20°C)
  • High diffusion resistance against Co2, reducing the rate of carbonation
  • Complies with the requirements for Class 0
  • Theoretical Coverage: Approx. 0.75 Litres per m²
  • Tintable to many BS and RAL colours
  • Available in 15 Litres

Glixtone High Performance Masonry Paint AC1

Firstly, Glixtone AC1 is an anti-carbonation, high performance masonry paint. AC1 is suitable for harbour buildings, seafront housing, hotels, marina walls, boatyards and any area susceptible to carbon pollution, hence this makes it a perfect paint on seas red masonry paint.

AC1 is just as suitable in high exposure areas such as national parks or on the moors for example. Likewise, this high performance masonry paint is highly suited for application to harbour buildings or Monocouche Render. It is also great for seafront housing, hotels, marina walls. In fact it is great for almost all other areas susceptible to carbon pollution. To clarify, this Masonry Coating provides property owners with a cost effective solution.

Features Technical Details
  • Life expectancy of 30 years
  • Outstanding resistance to weathering
  • UV stable
  • Dirt repellent and excellent salt water, alkali, acid, oil and grease resistance
  • Contains a film protective fungicide/algaecide
  • Elastomeric film resists cracking and moves with the substrate
  • Extremely high moisture vapour permeability
  • Water based
  • Theoretical Coverage: 6m² per litre
  • Tintable to pastel red colours
  • Tintable to other masonry paint colours such as pink, green and grey.
  • Available in 5 Litres

Although bold red masonry paints are less frequently used in the UK. For instance, red masonry paint is more commonly found in seaside locations. If your neighbours go for primary colours such as blues and yellows, red would not look out of place. However, if your village or harbour sticks to the traditional pastel shades, red masonry paint could literally make your house stick out like a sore thumb! So if pastel shades are used, we would recommend either subtle pink masonry paint or a red oxide. Either that or a more neutral shade of red.

For example, there are many UK towns which use bright masonry paints. For instance, you can find red houses in Tobermory, Isle of Mull, Bristol or Llundudno.

Red Masonry Paint

In addition, below we have made a list of tints. For example, these are from popular colour charts to help you get the best colour for your property:

RAL 2002
RAL 3000
Flame Red
RAL 3001
Signal Red
RAL 3003
Ruby Red
RAL 3005
Wine Red
RAL 3009
Oxide Red
RAL 3011
Brown Red
RAL 3013
Tomato Red
RAL 3018
Strawberry Red
RAL 3020
Traffic Red
RAL 3028
Pure Red
RAL 3032
Pearl Ruby Red
Autumn Brown
Brick Red
Misty Red
Dark Cherry
Carnival Red
BS381C 445
Venetian Red
BS381C 537
Signal Red
BS381C 538
Post Office Red
BS381C 564
Bold Red

On the other hand, if you would like to see our comprehensive list of RAL, BS 381C and BS 4800 colours, compare the above colours with our Colour Charts web page.

So, which red masonry paint is best for my home?

For instance, the best exterior masonry paint for you really depends on your property and your individual requirements. Before jumping in head first, ask yourself some questions:

  • Firstly, which masonry paint is the best for me?
  • Secondly, can masonry paint be removed? See our article here.
  • Consequently, Do I want textured masonry paint? Do I want a smooth or stucco masonry paint?
  • Furthermore, How do I apply masonry paint?
  • Therefore, do I want an alternative to B&Q Masonry Paint?
  • For example, do I want an alternative to Weathershield masonry paint?

Firstly, the range of masonry paints supplied by Promain focus on quality. This is unlike cheap masonry paint from low cost, high street suppliers. Therefore, we provide professional products with quality and budgets that are suitable for many markets. Furthermore, Promain’s red masonry paint is available in 5 Litres, 10 Litres. It is also available in 5 Kg, 10 Kg depending on the product.

In conclusion, Masonry Paint is also sometimes known as:

  • masonery paint
  • masonary paint
  • exterior wall paint
  • dark red masonry paint
  • pastel red masonry paint
  • brick paint colours
  • exterior wall paints

Finally, if you would like in depth advice on which red masonry paint is best for you look no further. So, contact our qualified technical team via our contact page or phone on 01462 421333. Therefore, we are available Monday to Friday to discuss which external paint is best for you and your property.

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