Introducing Osmo Oil, Lacquers and Finishes

Established over 100 years ago, Osmo UK have grown to become a world leader in the protection of wood. Headquartered from their factory in Warendorf Germany, Osmo oil products you can find worldwide. Promain (now part of PaintWell) are one of the UK’s main distributors of Osmo‘s range of wood finishes. Below we will discuss the range of protective wood coatings available from this innovative manufacturer.

Osmo Floor Finishes

Osmo Polyx Oil is a premium wood coating for wooden floors due to its major benefits over varnish. Benefiting from a blend of natural oils and waxes, Polyx Oil works by feeding the timber while allowing it to breathe. Osmo’s range of Polyx Oil enhances the wood’s true beauty and emphasize the wood’s grain and natural characteristics of your wooden floor.

Polyx Oil is available in a variety of finishes and styles. For example, Osmo produce slip resistant floor oils offering either R9 or R11 slip resistance. This ensures that any interior wooden flooring looks luxurious and elegant. Each species of wood has its own style and unique charm, and Polyx Oil enhances each individual wood specie’s natural beauty.

View our extensive range of Osmo floor finish products including Osmo floor varnish alternatives here:

Osmo Finish Paints and Protection For Exterior Wood

Osmo exterior wood coatings include Osmo Decking Oils, Woodstains, Wood Revivers and Wood Cleaners.

Wood finish products by Osmo for exterior wood are ideal for the budding painter and decorator, but are professional quality with no corners cut.

Some of the most popular Osmo external products are Osmo Anti-Slip Decking Oil, Osmo Country Colour and Osmo UV Protection Oil.

If you are looking for an Osmo wood finish, take a look at our Exterior Wood Coatings category.

Osmo Wood Oil For Doors and Furniture

If you are looking for an Osmo oil for furniture look no further. We distribute Osmo finishing oil for wooden internal furniture such as chairs and tables. We also have Osmo Wooden Door Oil to protective a protective satin finish. They also have a food safe wood oil protection for kitchen worktops and desks. If that sounds good for you, have a look at Osmo Top Oil.

Other Wood Solutions From Osmo UK

Osmo also produce coatings for wooden toys that are approved safe for children. Promain distribute the full range of Osmo accessions including brushes, cleaners and maintenance kits. If you are looking for an Osmo lacquer or Osmo sealant contact our sales team for a price.

Promain’s Other Wood Coatings Manufacturers

Promain also supply wood protective coatings from Owatrol, Teknos, Coo-Var and Centrecoat. Depending on your specification, we can provide decking paints, shed and fence paints, parquet flooring oil and more.

Take a look at our full ranges here:

Promain’s Knowledge Hub

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If you need any advice regarding our range of Osmo wood coatings, contact our technical team. We are available on 01462 421333 Monday to Friday. Otherwise, pop us an email, and we will get back to you ASAP.

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