How To Restore Window Frame Wood Paint

Wooden Window Frame

Promain regularly are contacted by contractors and end users looking to decorate their wooden window frame wood paint. Promain have a wide range of paints and stains suitable for the protection of external wood from the effects of UV rays, and weathering. We also supply an extensive range of high performance, water and solvent based paints suitable for internal woods. If you are interested in how to restore your window frame wood paint, read on to find out more.

Where To Start

Before sealing or painting wood window frames, you need to identify whether or not the wood has been previously treated with a wood preservative, varnish or stain. It will be fairly obvious if the frames have paint or varnish on them. However, oil finishes can be hard to detect. Before you seal or paint wooden window frames, sufficient preparation must be performed. We would always recommend that existing coatings are completely removed. Especially if they were solvent based and not water based, as solvent based coatings dry out over a number of years and their adhesion becomes compromised. This is recognised when the paint blisters and splits allowing moisture to penetrate the paint coating, and causing the wood to become saturated causing rot and decay.

Wood windows can last in excess of 60 years depending on the species of timber used in construction. Also, you can easily maintain and re-paint wood, unlike plastic windows. Due to this they can actually work out less expensive over their lifespan.

Wood Preparation

Wooden Window FrameIf you have existing paint on your wooden window frames, preparation is key to get a quality finish. The stage of the preparation is removing all the existing paint. Promain supply a range of paint strippers for varying applications. We do not recommend the use of a gas torch or heat gun for areas in a close proximity of glass as this can often cause the glass to crack.

For removal of paint on wood, we would suggest Centrecoat ProStrip Water Based Paint Stripper. Centrecoat ProStrip is commonly sold to by large contractors, painters and decorators, furniture restoration companies, flooring and decking contractors, and artex removal specialists. It is also approved by London Underground Ltd (LUL) under Item No, 2192. Depending on the thickness of the old paint, the coverage rate which is 1-4m2 per litre in theory. Unlike traditional DCM (dichloromethane) paint strippers, Centrecoat Prostrip does not act as fast but with the use of a product such as cling film over the top to keep the paint stripper wet, the Centrecoat Prostrip will be just as effective.

Now you can remove the paint with a paint scraper. Once the wood is clean as per your stripper’s application guide, you can leave the wood to dry then you can sand it.

If you cannot remove all the paint, we provide a range of paints or varnishes suitable for application over existing coatings.

window frame wood paint

Repairing The Wood

Window Frame Wood PaintYou could possibly find that not only the exterior of the window frame, but the interior may have pits or holes. Our technical team recommend use of Osmo Wood Filler. Osmo Wood Filler is a non-acrylic and water-based multi-purpose edge-filler. It is effectively a wood putty, crack filler and sanding sealer all in one.

Unlike most wood fillers, you can sand Osmo Wood Filler at any time after drying. It is also fast drying, usually dry within 30 minutes. As the filler is non-flammable and non-toxic, heat and freeze-proof, it is ideal for both interior and exterior use. This means, no matter the weather, the filler will not crack, shrink, sink or fall out. This product is available in a range of colours to suit different species of timber.

Window Frame Wood Paint

Depending on the finish and colour you are looking for, Promain have a selection of suitable wood paints. The below options are most popular products:

Rustoleum Fassilux Aqua XPE

window frame wood paintOn bare hard and softwood timber, we would recommend the use of Rustoleum Fassiprim primer. This product however is self priming when applied to an existing coating but we would still recommend thorough cleaning and light abrasion before application. This product is available in 3 finishes – matt, satin and gloss, although we do not recommend the use of the matt externally as matt paint do not offer weather resisting properties of a gloss. When applying paint to external timber, always apply a minimum of 2 coats plus a primer. Always remember that the thicker the paint, the longer it lasts.

Rustoleum Fassilux Aqua XPE a polyurethane alkyd is a scratch resistant lacquer offering a higher degree of resistance to the effects of water than a traditional alkyd gloss paint. Due to the nature of timber, wood expands and contracts with the absorption of water. Fassilux Aqua XPE provides good elasticity, meaning that the paint will be able to flex with the wood. Available in over 30,000 colours, Fassilux Aqua XPE is easy to apply with excellent flow and levelling characteristics.

Osmo Opaque Gloss Wood Stain

window frame wood paintOsmo Opaque Gloss produces a white opaque finish based on natural oils that penetrate deeply into the wood. It provides you with amazing results as it aids to keep the woods elasticity and healthy look. All the while this product helps prevent the wood from getting dry and brittle. Because the wood is can breathe, this reduces shrinking and swelling  dramatically.

This window frame wood paint is only for application onto bare timber. As this product is not suitable for covering over existing paint, this stain is perfect for new window frames.

Available only in glossy white. Click here to read more >>

Osmo Country Colour

window frame wood paintOsmo Country Colour is a durable wood paint designed for use on exterior woods only. Based on natural vegetable oils, Osmo Country Colour penetrates deeply into the wood keeping it elasticated and healthy. It reduces shrinking and swelling meaning the wood can breathe and moisture is can evaporate. Osmo Country Colour is incredibly UV resistant, weather, water and dirt resistant. This paint has been well-tried for decades under the severest weather conditions (seaside and mountains).

In case of requiring further protection the wooden window frames can be given additional protection by overcoating with Osmo UV Protection Oil Clear (410 biocide free or 420 with film protection) after drying. This clear topcoat has a microporous, breathable finish which does not crack, peel, flake or blister.

Bear in mind, you will need a separate paint for the interior woodwork. Available in a range of stock colours. Click here to read more >>

Rustoleum Mathys Fassilux Satin PU

window frame wood paintThere is however an alternative system for painting over existing window frame wood paint. Promain suggest spot priming the internal and exterior frame with Classidur Universal Primer Xtrem, or Rustoleum Mathys Fassiprim Primer. Once the primer has fully dried, the wooden window frame can be coated with Rustoleum Fassilux Aqua XPE Gloss, Matt or Satin.

Rustoleum Fassilux Aqua XPE has superior scratch resistance, is quick drying and has good hiding power.When applying a second layer, ensure to sand to provide a key between layers. Fassilux Satin PU is suitable for use on both interior and exterior wooden window frames. It also has the benefit of being tintable to virtually in any colour. Easy to apply with very high covering capacity. Click here to read more >>

All of the above systems have an expected lifespan of 30 years depending on weather conditions when applied correctly.

Interested in seeing the rest of our comprehensive wood oils and paints category? Click through here to see other products in our wood range. If you would like to discuss more about your individual requirements with our technical team, call us on 01462 421333.

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