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With the wealth of knowledge Osmo has gained over the past 100 years their chemists have formulated oils that penetrate deep into the timber. Osmo products coat the fibres of the wood preventing the timber from rotting as well as protecting it from blue stain, insects and other pests. Osmo products are easy to apply to sawn timber by brush or airless spray and smooth timbers can be coated by micro fibre roller or brush. Recently introduced to the Osmo range is the Osmo 420 UV-Protection Oil this micro-porous oil offers protection against mildew, algae and fungal attack but most importantly dramatically slows the greying of the timber keeping the colour of the timber for longer, this has become increasingly popular in recent years on oak framed buildings where the owners demand the new green oak look.

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  1. Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain
    Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain

    Provides long term protection for structural and decorative timber. Semi-transparent colour shades.

    From £24.90 £20.75
  2. Osmo Country Colour
    Osmo Country Colour

    A natural vegetable oil which penetrates deeply into exterior wood, keeping it elasticated and healthy.

    From £80.30 £66.92
  3. Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus
    Osmo One Coat Only HS Plus

    A solvent free semi-transparent, satin-matt exterior and interior finish for hardwood and softwood joinery.

    From £89.30 £74.42
  4. Osmo Opaque Gloss Wood Stain (2104 White)
    Osmo Opaque Gloss Wood Stain (2104 White)

    For Exterior and Interior timber Joinery that will not flake or peel.

    From £94.48 £78.73
  5. Osmo Decking Oil, 2.5 Litres
    Osmo Decking Oil, 2.5 Litres

    A satin-matt, non peel, non flake coating offering an extremely water resistant and dirt repellent surface.

    From £59.05 £49.21
  6. Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain Effect
    Osmo Natural Oil Woodstain Effect

    A satin matt transparent wood stain for exterior use.

    From £141.62 £118.02
  7. Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints
    Osmo UV Protection Oil Tints

    Allows for an even colouring and a harmonic, smooth surface result on interior woods.

    From £24.89 £20.74

20 Items

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A common problem for timber joinery is peeling paint, Osmo have introduced Opaque Gloss Wood Stain that offers a high opacity micro-porous finish that will not flake peel or blister making it ideal for new timber window frames, doors, facia’s and other external woodwork around the home.

The Osmo UV Protection Oil 425 offers the same benefits but contains oak coloured pigments to offer further protection. For decking Osmo offer their Wood Reviver Power Gell 6609 this gel gently cleans the timber removing the natural graying and pantina found on cladding and decking leaving a fresh surface ready for the application of products such as the Osmo One Coat HS Plus or the 430 Anti Slip Decking Oil. If you require a solid colour then the Osmo Country Colour Satin Matt is a high performance paint based on natural vegetable oils that is elastomeric preventing the paint from cracking, splitting and due to it’s micro-pours properties it will not blister.

So if you require quality paints and coatings for timber then Osmo have the perfect solution.