Hospital Antibacterial Paint: Teknos Case Study

Antibacterial Paint from Teknos help transform children’s hospital visits

The Children’s Outpatient Department at Kings College Hospital in London, has recently undergone a drastic makeover! With the aim of creating a distraction for the children that visit, it was decided that the consulting rooms should be brightened up with vibrant colours and pictures of local landmarks. Going into hospital at any time can be a very scary and worrying experience for many, but for young children it can seem even more traumatic, and the hospital staff were keen to improve this experience.

With a plan in place, it was decided that 17 of the consulting rooms in the Children’s Outpatients area would be earmarked for redecoration. After consultation with Promain’s Technical Team, work commenced with products donated by Teknos GBI. Read on to hear the full details of this amazing scheme.

Charity Funded Project

Bea Soars of Sound Environments has designed and overseen this charity-funded project. She says:

“We wanted to make children’s visits a more engaging experience while providing some distraction from what could be a stressful time. When we discussed our design with the hospital, everyone from the nurses to the consultants were immediately on board and excited to see the finished result.”

Room Theme and Promain’s Advice

Bea had a vision that each of the consulting rooms should be themed around London landmarks and commission artworks from a local school. Aside from the room interiors, the doors along the corridor were also being redecorated. Whilst the plan was for vibrant themed rooms, being in a hospital, there was more than just the colour to consider. Bea turned to Promain for advice on which coatings would be suitable for her project.

Mark French of Promain explained that “Due to the hygiene demands of the environment and the request from Bea for a high quality paint with excellent durability, we recommended Teknos paints”.

As a Teknos approved distributor, Promain were able to contact Teknos directly to discuss the needs of the charity. Coincidentally, Teknos kindly donated the paints to help get the project underway.

High hygiene paint that lasts

Images Courtesy of Teknos GBI

Promain and Teknos recommended Teknos Timannti Clean, a water-based anti microbial paint for walls. Timannti Clean contains silver ions as the active ingredient. Silver is a well-known bactericide with tested effectiveness against MRSA, E.Coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Legionella, amongst others. The silver ions are evenly spread over the paint’s matrix and will release at a continuous rate. This reduces the number of microbes on the surface throughout the life of the paint film. The extra hygiene demands and cleaning requirements of a hospital setting will not affect the anti-microbial effectiveness, as Timannti Clean has a wet scrub resistance of Class 1 (EN 13300 (ISO 11998)).

This durability is in direct contrast to a lower quality emulsion which, at first glance, may appear the more cost-effective choice but is likely to need re-painting much sooner.

Improving staff and patient well-being

A key objective of this project was to improve the well-being of patients as well as staff. Teknos Timannti Clean achieves this with its M1 classification for low VOC content, it is also low odour, meaning no nasty smells during application, which can only be a good thing for all concerned!

Timannti Clean has a soft matt finish which accentuates the tones chosen for the consulting rooms. The idea was to choose colour ranges that compliment the art and theme of each particular room. The chosen themes included: ‘The Shard’, ‘The London Eye’ and ‘Columbia Road’.

Laura Duffell is the Matron of Paediatric Ambulatory Care at Kings College Hospital. Laura explained:

“For a young patient, the excitement of having their appointment in ‘London Eye’ instead of ‘Consulting Room 3’ is a welcome distraction and immensely satisfying for us to see. It helps our job enjoyment and has given us attractive and stimulating surroundings which positively impact on staff well-being.”

Images Courtesy of Teknos GBI

Don’t Forget The Woodwork!

To complete the look, the woodwork was also due a lick of paint. For this area, Teknos Futura Aqua 40 Gloss was used.

Futura Aqua 40 was applied to skirting, window frames, doors and radiators. This semi-gloss paint has a rich, satin finish and you can use it inside and outside on wood and metal. It dries to an extremely hard-wearing finish, and you can overcoat it the same day. This was extremely important as it meant the downtime for each consulting room was kept to a minimum.

A Word From Peter Sotherton

Peter Sotherton, Business Development Manager of Decorative at Teknos GBI commented:

“Using good quality, long-lasting paint has been critical to this project. The rooms can now welcome patients for many years without the disruption of redecoration. Teknos GBI understands the transformative effect of surroundings for both patients and staff. We have been delighted to help achieve that with Promain”.

The project has been so successful that we expect charity funding to expand the theme to the department’s waiting areas and entrance approach; this time with an educational theme.

Promain’s Range of Antibac Paint Solutions

During the outbreak of COVID-19, Promain were in direct contact with the Nightingale hospitals to provide antibacterial paint for hospitals. We also distributed and gave advice to schools and care homes regarding antibacterial paint.

We provide a huge range of industrial quality antibacterial water-resistant epoxy paint, as well as anti bacteria paint for domestic use. Many end users contact us for advice in regard to mould growth in damp rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms. Our range of anti bac paint is comprehensive and cost effective.

If you are looking for Promain’s full range of antibacterial wall paint, take a look at our shop categories below:

We can also provide alternatives to Dulux antibacterial paint, Dulux anti bac, Crown anti bacterial paint and Royal antibacterial paint. For example, for bathrooms we can recommend Johnstones antibacterial paint – Johnstones Microbarr Anti Bacterial Acrylic Eggshell. Furthermore, this product is suitable for spray application turning it into an antibacterial spray paint.

Promain incorporate antibacterial paint additive into various Centrecoat hygienic coatings. However, antibacterial additive for paint isn’t available separately as it is a dangerous material.


In conclusion, our technical team can provide quotations to give you the full anti bacterial paint price in an easy format. Contact our technical team today on 01462 421333.

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