Swimming Pool Paint Specification At Legoland Windsor

One of the prestigious projects in Promain‘s portfolio is the renovation of the splash zone at the award winning Legoland hotel in Windsor back in 2014. Promain had contact by Orientrose Contracts Ltd.

The Contractor

Originally, the pool area was designed by waterparks and leisure pool designers Neuman Aqua Ltd. Neuman Aqua’s vision consisted of the design, supply and installation of the water treatment and filtration system. In addition, the construction of the pool structures to fit in with the hotel, as they require a pirate ship theme. In addition, due to the specific requirements of the project and the client’s design team, Neuman Aqua coordinated and installed a range of themed interactive water features from a variety of suppliers in Europe and North America.

Orientrose Contracts Ltd are specialist contractors in construction, refurbishment and fit-out working predominantly in the leisure industry. Orientrose have a wide range of experience on restaurants, pubs and gyms. In addition, they have an in depth understanding of the requirements for clients in commercial, professional and industrial sectors. After numerous years since the original opening, maintenance of the internal swimming pool area fell to their hands.

Swimming Pool Walls

swimming pool paintThe existing walls had a pirate themed mural painted on. In areas, the paint requires a touch up by the artist. Promain’s technical team suggested the use of Bedec’s MSP (Multi Surface Paint) due to it’s availability in small tins and it’s vast range of stock colours. Once the touch up had fully dried, a clear topcoat was specified. They require this to fully protect the artwork from the chlorinated water.

Promain recommended a topcoat of Rust-Oleum Pegagraff Hydro Rust-Oleum Pegagraff Hydro is a clear, water based, abrasion and solvent resistant anti-graffiti varnish. Its resistance to solvent means the walls could be easily cleaned quickly and efficiently with the use of standard detergents.  Pegagraff Hydro is a two-component swimming pool paint, with a satin gloss finish.

Ceiling Redecoration Requirements

swimming pool paint

Due to the works, various small cracks had appeared in the ceiling. The coating would need to be able to handle the moisture alongside being hygienic.

Promain’s technical team recommended a full system from Sika to provide a heavy duty product to hide irregularities.

Promain’s Sika Swimming Pool Paint Ceiling System

swimming pool paint bonding primer sikaSika Bonding Primer – A versatile product that can be used with Sika Liquid Plastics Roofing Systems, Balcony Waterproofing Systems, Hygiene Coatings and External Wall Coatings. This high-performance product is capable of withstanding adverse weathering in external conditions. Above all it also provides a formidable bond for finishing products to adhere to.



swimming pool paint 403wSika Sikagard 403W (Formerly 203W) – Is a single component, waterborne modified acrylic resin hygienic paint. Suitable for use as an intermediate and surface coating for walls and ceilings. Available in a range of softer shades.



 Sika Reemat Lite – This reinforcement mat has been developed to increase the swimming pool paint reemat litestrength of the coating and cover joints and crack but is still flexible enough to cope with movement. Reemat Lite is ideal for use on corners and furthermore flat areas for instance. It is suitable even over existing broken or cracked ceramic wall tiles. It is a lightweight tissue that you can encapsulate within the 203W coat.



swimming pool paint 406wSika Sikagard® 406W Formerly 206W – Provides a tough, abrasive resistant coating that withstands regular cleaning and the use of mild detergents and cleaners. It is ideal for hospital and kitchen environments, as a result of bacteria and contaminants exposure.


They will need to shut the area to the public. The staff and contractors at Legoland Windsor Resort are happy with the quality of the swimming pool paint. The hotel won a Trip Advisor 2013 Travellers’ Choice award. In addition, it is one of the top hotels for families in the UK. Their reputation shows with a quality finish via Promain Paints!

Do you require swimming pool paint for commercial leisure facilities? Contact our technical team on 01462 421333 for in depth advice for your individual requirements.

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