How To Paint A Ceramic Lamp

Ceramic is not the easiest material in the world to paint. The surface is so shiny and non-porous that paint will flake or peel off of it most of the time. Below is a guide to painting ceramic that will save both time and money. By the time you are done you will have just the kind of lamp that you want.

There are a list of items that you will need for this project. They are listed below.

  • Lamp (or any other ceramic surface)
  • 1 bottle of Owatrol ESP
  • Brush
  • Clean cloths
  • Any oil or water-based paint or varnish of your choice

You will be able to paint your lamp in about 3 hours after the preparation process. Below is listed the steps you need to follow to prep your lamp for painting.

Step 1 – Prep and Clean

The first thing you need to do is to clean the lamp and remove any surface dirt, oil or grease that may be on the lamp. When you dry the surface use a lint free cloth so that nothing sticks to the ceramic.

Step 2 – Application of Owatrol ESP

Your next step for preparing your lamp to paint is to apply a generous coat of Owatrol ESP. To apply this you will need to use a paintbrush or a cloth. The Owatrol ESP is an easy to use wipe on and wipe off product. This product is specifically designed to prime and prepare shiny surfaces so that they can be painted.

Using this product will cut out the steps of sanding or rubbing the surface with steel wool in order to prepare for painting. All you have to do is apply the Owatrol ESP to the surface of the lamp and leave it for anywhere between 5 and 10 minutes.

How to paint a ceramic lamp

Step 3 – Remove the ESP

After waiting 5 to 10 minutes you can remove the excess Owatrol ESP. To do this you will need a clean cloth and be sure to wipe in only one direction.

How to paint a ceramic lamp

Step 4 – Let it Dry

Once the excess Owatrol ESP has been removed you will need to allow your lamp to dry for 2 hours. During this waiting period you can start preparing another lamp or continue to choose your materials for the one that is drying, you have 2 free hours to do it in.

The Owatrol ESP dries clear so you have a wide range of options when choosing your paint. You can experiment with different types of material, clear or semi-opaque finishes or opaque ones.

Step 5 – Time to Paint

The moment has finally come when you can paint your lamp. It does not matter what type of paint you choose, oil based, water based or varnish. Just follow the manufacturer’s instructions and your work of art will turn out fine.

You do not even have to paint your lamp right away. Using Owatrol ESP you can paint your lamp 2 hours to 7 days later. However, if it has been over a week since the preparation process you will need to repeat the above steps in order to paint your lamp.

How to paint a ceramic lamp

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