How To Treat Mould On Walls And Ceilings


If mould has started to form unsightly patches on walls or ceilings in the cold, damp winter months, then here is an easy guide to getting rid of mould altogether.

The worst thing you can do is try to paint over the top of mould in an attempt to hide it. The mould will continue to grow through the fresh paintwork on your walls or ceiling, wasting time and money. Treating and killing the mould is a much better course of action, and this can be much simpler than you think.

How To Treat Mould: Get rid of mould with Mould Action

Mould Action is an effective mould and mildew killing cleaner that is used before re-painting. It’s simple to use and goes further than just stopping the growth of mould like other fungistats. Mould Action eliminates bacteria and fungus from all surfaces. It’s biodegradable, non-corrosive and does not contain either formaldehyde or ammonia.

It’s simple to apply. Simply spray, wipe or brush Mould Action over the entire surface to be painted. Ensure not to just apply to the surfaces where mould is visible. Fungus will be present in surrounding areas too. Leave to penetrate for 24 hours. Then rinse, wash or brush off any residue and signs of bacteria. Allow it to dry completely.

Apply VC175 mould killer to prevent growth

VC175 mould killer is a powerful, long-lasting agent which provides long-term protection against the recurrence of mould. After using Mould Action, we would recommend adding a small amount of VC175 to your paint for recoating, especially in humid or damp conditions. It is suitable for adding to a wide variety of paints, timber stains, textured coatings, adhesives, grout and mortar, and to prevent any further mould and mildew from forming. Simply add VC175 to your paint in the quantities advised below, then apply paint as usual, following the manufacturer‘s directions.

For water-based and solvent-based paints and stains, add 5ml of VC175 mould killer to each litre of the product and stir thoroughly until mixed.

For mortar, grout, fillers, textured coatings and adhesives, add 5ml of VC175 mould killer to each kg of ready-to-use product.

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