Static Caravans: Using Peganox Metal Roof Paint

We were contacted by a customer who owned a holiday home in Malaga, Spain that required their metal roof paint to be updated to a product that could withstand heat up to 50°C in the heat of summer.

Metal Roof Paint 1

Promain’s technical team recommended a combination of Rust-Oleum Noxyde and Peganox to provide the protection required.

Metal Roof Paint 2

The roof tiles were cleaned throughly with a degreaser to ensure there was no oily residue on the substrate. Once fully dried, the initial coat of watered down 25% Noxyde was applied via brush during the early hours of the morning while the weather was cooler.

Metal Roof Paint 3

The finished primer coat of Noxyde having been applied and allowed to dry before the second coat of Peganox was applied by brush.

Metal Roof Paint 4

Covering the first coat with an undiluted initial coat of Rust-Oleum Peganox in Reseda Green RAL 6011 via brush.

Metal Roof Paint 5

The second coat finished.

Metal Roof Paint 6

The second coat of Peganox being applied to the roof whilst in the shade to allow the paint to dry slowly. This will aid adhesion to the primer coat reducing the chance of peeling occuring at a later date.

Metal Roof Paint 7

The completed project of metal roof paint applied to the shingles of the static caravan providing not only an aesthetically appealing finish but also offering a flexible waterproofing system for many years to come.

Metal Roof Paint 8

A further benefit offered by Noxyde and Peganox is that the adhesion of these paint coatings will increase with age.

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