New Wind Power Products From PPG Industries

PPG Industries creates paints, fibreglass and coatings for wind towers. Their products are some of the most used products in the wind energy industry.  The latest products from PPG industries are AUE-50000, SIGMADUR 568, and Sigmafast 278, which were recently displayed during the fifth China International Wind Energy Exhibition.

AUE-50000 is a polyurethane topcoat that resists erosion from the elements. It is most often used on turbine blades over a coat of HSP-7401 primer. It is long lasting and does not thicken the blade. Neither of these paints will interfere with the power output of the wind turbines.

PPG Sigma SigmaFast 278
PPG Sigma SigmaFast 278

SIGMADUR 568 and SIGMAFAST 278 are both eco friendly, and both have low levels of VOC. These two types of high-solid paint are better for the environment than most of the other protective paints that are available on the market. SIGMAFAST 278 offers excellent protection, and dries relatively quickly. You can apply this primer to both the inside and outside of wind towers. It is versatile in the way it works. You can also apply it to the outside of the wind power gearbox, or turbine generator.

SIGMADUR 568 is an acrylic polyurethane topcoat. It complies with the strict rules of VOC. It is easy to apply and you can use it on wind towers, steel structures, and on other equipment. In certain cases it can be used on steel surfaces without having to use an anti-rust primer first.

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