Anti-Slip Paints and GRP for Floors

At Promain we often receive enquiries for anti slip paints. All paints offer a degree of anti-slip but it is difficult to determine each individual’s requirements. It is important to know how slippery your floor is. There is a level of friction below which people tend to slip over and above which people do not. This is known either as co-efficient friction testing or micro-roughness testing.

Pendulm Slip Test
Slip resistant testing on floors

The design of the pendulum test is to measure dynamic coefficient of friction (CoF). The test replicates a pedestrian heel strike. This is the point at which most slips occur. When a pedestrian heel strikes a wet floor a fluid film is created between them, this can cause a slip. This test works in wet conditions because it generates a similar fluid film between the slider and the floor. It can be used to accurately test the slip potential on clean and dry or contaminated floors. The test also works with dry contaminants. This is the method of testing that the HSE prefer, because it is portable and works in the conditions that slip accidents happen.

There are many types of anti slip products available from single pack Alkyd products such as Coo-Var Suregrip to polyurethane coating that are extremely flexible making them ideal for application to wooden structures such as jetties, ramps and decking. Protecta-Kote contain rubber crumb to provide an anti-slip finish offering a softer landing if somebody falls on it.

Anti Slip Footprints

A fun way of teaching school children about slip resistance is the use of cut outs such as Pre Cut Anti-Slip Feet.

A product that we regularly sell is Safe-Kote a low profile non-slip paint suitable for exterior and interior applications to boats, ramps, laminate flooring, fibreglass and any area where an anti-slip surface is required. This is similar to the Protecta-Kote but with a much finer aggregate. It is available in 8 colours and also clear. We regularly specify clear for use on floor tiles in changing rooms and showers.


Anti-Slip Paints

SafeKote Clear Anti-Slip Paint

For areas where a much harder wearing surface is required areas such as ramps used by fork lift trucks etc. we have 2 pack epoxy paints such as Amerlock from PPG Marine and Industrial. A recent project carried out on the footbridges over the river at Bedford, PPG Epok Tread was specified this coating is expected to last well in excess of 15 years.



Anti Slip GRP

Non Slip GRP for Ramps and Steps

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) is a relatively new product to aid in combating slipping accidents. You can fold GRP to create a step edge that you can quickly apply to steps with either glue or screws. Alternatively when left flat it is ideal for access ramps. This will benefit wheel chair users, people with disabilities or anybody who simply has trouble using steps. This GRP is available in bright safety yellow to highlight a hazard i.e. an edge of a step making it stand out in low light levels.

Over the past few years Promain have supplied Anti-Slip GRP to many council and local authorities for pedestrian bridges over rivers and roads as well as step edges for fire escapes at industrial and residential sites.

Anti Slip Tapes

Anti Slip Tape for Steps and Floors

Probably the quickest and cheapest form of anti-slip is anti slip tapes.

These are available as rolls, in a range of sizes. We are also able to custom cut them to suit each individual’s needs. These tapes are easy to apply to stairs and steps and a clever trick used on the Centrecoat Conformable Safety Grip Tape is the addition of a thin aluminium backing that moulds itself to the substrate ideal when applied over checker plate, (a metal sheet with a ribbed texture designed to provide a degree of slip resistance, which in many cases proves to be inadequate).

Anti-Slip Aqua Tape

Anti Slip Tape for Steps and Floors

Centrecoat Anti Slip Aqua Safe Tape has proved to be a real benefit in reducing falls especially in wet areas such as showers as well as the areas around swimming pools.

This tape often specified in clear, offers a low profile essential when young children are running around with bare feet. As you can see this is a small insight into the world of anti-slip. I hope it helps you to understand that there are solutions out there to aid reductions in accidents around the work place and home.


If you require any further advice please call the technical team at Promain who would love to help you on 01462 421333.

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