Exterior House Paint With Bedec

Exterior House Paint RenovationOur sales team were contacted by an elated customer after using a range of Bedec exterior house paint products when renovating the exterior of their property in a village just south of the Shropshire Hills on the English Welsh border.

“I’d like to thank Promain for all their great advice and help, so I could renovate my house myself. Results spectacular!”

KD in Knighton, Powys

Exterior House Paint RenovationPromain’s Exterior House Paint Project Specification

After a discussion with Promain’s technical team, a complete system was provided to give a long lasting finish to the properties exterior house paint. The full system included:

Rust-Oleum RZ96 AMW Fungicial Wash

Prior to a coating being able to be applied, an initial green growth cleaning solution was required to remove any lichen.  This product was specified as it offers in depth impregnation and long lasting effects that doesn’t build a film layer on the surface. RZ96 is also suitable for woodwork, meaning the barge boards and windows were treated.

Rust-Oleum Elastofill Acrylic Jointing Compound

Due to it’s elastomeric qualities, this product makes an ideal sealer around window frames adjoining the fabric of the building. This jointing compound is also over-paintable meaning that where wider gaps have been filled the paint can still offer a consistent, attractive edge.

Bedec Multi Surface Paint MSP

The customer required the buildings accents to be painted in a separate colour. Bedec Multi Surface Paint was suggested due to the range of different substrates required to be painted. This included timber barge boards, a mixture of iron and plastic gutters and wooden porch.

Bedec Extra Flex Masonry Paint

As the building was built last century, it suffers from small amounts of movements as the foundations are quite shallow. This movement shows itself in hairline cracks in the render. They chose Bedec Extra Flex Masonry Paint  following a discussion with the technical department at Promain. You can apply this paint over hairline cracks as it offers up to 400% elasticity as it will easily stretch. This results in the film build not splitting allowing water to penetrate the surface.

Exterior House Paint Renovation To read further about masonry paint click through on our Knowledge Hub. To speak to our technical team to find the best specification for your individual job call 01462 421333 or contact us here.

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