Protect Your Roof, Ready for the Winter

In effect, all roofs need to be protected. There are many climatic conditions which will harm the quality of your roof. Essentially, the roof will be at its most exposed in Winter when there is a lot of snow and biting winds, all of which could damage your roof. This means that your roof is at risk from these elements and can certainly require some extra protection. Read on to find out about our roof painting products.

Restore and Protect

Because of this you should consider Promain UK Ltd as your main protector of the roof. In the winter, tiles can be damaged as they become weathered from the snow, sleet, rain and other undesirables. This means that your tiles may be susceptible to losing their shiny gloss of paint. However, Promain Roof Tile Paint is the antidote to this and really does enable you to get the colour of your tiles back whilst simultaneously protecting them at the same time.

Rustoleum Dac Hydro Plus from Promain

The paint is acrylic based so you know that you are getting the necessary protection for your roof tiles. It is fairly resistant to water damage and genuinely can assist the tiles from reducing in quality and being damaged. In a lot of ways, the paint on offer can protect against ageing and can rejuvenate the tiles to a level which they were at in the past. As the paint is so effective, it does not need to be applied in large volumes, which is very cost-effective. This is only one of a number of advantages of using Promain for your Roof Tile Paint.

In the winter, it is very easy for your tiles to be damaged and because of this, they will need some essential care and protection. There may be little you can do to stop them from being damaged in the first place, but you can certainly allow them to be protected in the long term and be protected from any short-term damage which may have occurred.

Roof Painting: Immediate Protection

Promain Instant Repair Paint gives you immediate protection from the elements and allows you to safeguard your tiles and other surfaces from residual damage in the winter and other seasons. Furthermore, this type of paint is particularly effective for guttering which is really exposed to the elements. The thing about Promain instant repair paint is that it can be put on any exterior paint surface and really does work well and it can even be applied in adverse weather conditions. The versatility that it offers is unmatched anywhere else.

Rustoleum Dacfill HZ Rubber Paint for Flat Roofs from Promain

In the winter and rainier months, flat roofs can be very susceptible to water damage. Therefore, they can suffer from rot and a gradual decrease in quality over time. Essentially, Flat Roof Waterproofing Paint can be the solution to this and can allow you to become confident that your needs will be solved. This waterproofing paint is ideal for flat roofs and other such surfaces. It really does deliver the goods. It provides a rubber like coating. This makes it very hard for water to seep in. It provides a good sealant to prevent surfaces from becoming porous.

To summarise, Promain will take care of all your roof painting needs in the winter! Get in touch today and speak to one of our technical support team regarding the best roof protection paints! We look forward to hearing from you soon! Remember winter is on the way, so don’t leave it too late…

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