Canal Boat Paint: Bank Hall Dry Dock

Further to an enquiry received by the technical department at Promain, we would like to introduce canal boat paint from Jotun marine coatings for inland waterway canal boats and barges.

Introducing Bank Hall Dry Dock

After completion of this labour of love, the dry dock will once again become an important part of the transportation network. At the height of the coal and textile era, the canal system was used to transport goods around the country. It has now become a focal point of the Leeds & Liverpool Canal system in Barnsley. The owners of this historic site have spent the past 3 years removing rubbish from the disused site to prepare for the future. Painstakingly, they have removed the large stone blocks that the walls were constructed from and have re-laid them. Now they have recreated a new and usable dry dock in the heart of the North West Canal system. Many of the cobbles used on the floor were recycled cobbles and bricks from the local area, including bricks from the former Barden Mill.

Canal Boat Paint
Bank Hall Dry Dock

The Canal Boat Paint Specification

During 2014, a site visit was arranged at Bank Hall Dock located on the edge of the former Bank Hall Coal Pit. It has laid derelict and not used for more than 50 years. During the visit, the Promain technical advisor discussed a range of paint systems. These included systems from manufacturers such as Jotun, Hempel, PPG and Teamac. It was vital that the canal boat paint would be durable. The team carried out an inspection on the hull of the canal boat for rust. Furthermore, the team discussed what preparation would be carried out before the application of the paint system. Also this included the cost implications. Finally, was decided that the Jotun system fulfilled all the needs required.


 “The Trust is delighted to see the restoration of the dry dock completed to such a high standard of workmanship. The waterways contain many gems and it is extremely satisfying to work with private investors in realising their potential. We look forward to working with Feather & Gaskell in developing the wider site to support the dry dock operations.”

Carl West, technical manager from Canal & River Trust

Jotun’s Canal Boat Paint System

The contractors, Feather and Gaskell intend to offer a repair and repainting service in the dry dock facility to local boat owners who are looking for a quality service. These contractors are extremely passionate about canal boats.

The contractor’s canal boat paint preparation was key. This involved removing the existing coating, performing repair and damage to the hull, and then a thorough sandblasting. Apply the Jotun Canal boat paint afterwards.

The system consists of the application of Jotun Jotamastic 87 Aluminium as a primer build coat followed by Jotamastic 87 in black. This will provide a long-lasting durable coating that will protect boat hulls for many years to come.

For areas above the water line, Jotun Hardtop AX has been offered. This is the new 2 pack paint from Jotun that offers greater colour retention and an extended life expectancy. Jotun paints are available in most BS4800, RAL Colours. They are also available in a selection of the historic BS318C colours. Historic canal boats are normally in these colours.

Furthermore, you can see more about the Jotun’s Canal Boat specification by viewing Jotun’s product range here.

More About Jotun Marine Paints

Jotun paints have been a firm favourite in the marine industry for many years. They have become increasingly popular not only in industrial applications such as bridges and gantries, but also in the construction industry. This is due to their expertise as more and more buildings that have steel construction.

Do you require further information on Jotun paints or other canal boat paint? Promain provide many marine coatings for not only barges and canal boats, but more industrial ships. Please call the technical department at Promain to discuss your requirements on 01462 421333.

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