Creating the Perfect Room Using Wall Stripes

Giving a blank wall some personality with stripes makes all the difference. Stripes are a great decorative painting technique for your walls. With the horizontal stripes, your room seems more spacious. The vertical stripes make the ceiling appear a little bit higher. Our tips will help you come up with the desired look for your walls. This may include the easy to use and unique varnish as well as the tips of painting the strips.

Tips on How to Create Beautiful Wall Designs

Coming up with beautiful stripped walls is not by chance but by design. The following are some of the tips on how to create beautiful wall designs that you will be proud of.

Decide on the style you want for your room

This adds the depth and makes your room exceptional unique. Whether you are interested in complex colours or you, want to keep it simple, with a style the possibilities are made easy.

Creating the Perfect Room Decorations With Lines

Choose the perfect paint

Giving your room a new look requires you to choose a quality paint on your desired car. Owatrol paint odour eliminator is a product worth investing on as it helps you to create amazing wall strips and enjoy creating straight strips without having any unpleasant smell.

Go for a good quality tape

It may not be expensive as masking tape does it perfectly. Furthermore, ensure that the tape gives you an easy time when peeling off from the wall. Make sure the take is well aligned to ensure that your strips are not curved.

Creating the Perfect Room Decorations With Lines

How to Do the Finishing

In conclusion, the beauty of your stripped walls falls on the finishing. Henceforth, ensure that the tape measure is well fastened and use a small paint brush. The strips can also be done on the textured wall when you use our tips. Therefore, the peeling of the tape should be done when the wall is still wet as this gives you a smooth line and won’t chip the paint. You should also use Floetrol to remove the brush and rollers marks before you fully enjoy the new look of your walls.


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