Thermoplastic Line Marking London’s Cycle Superhighways

London Cycle Superhighways

TfL News: Preformed Thermoplastic Is Now The Line Marking Of Choice On London’s Dedicated Cycleways

 The latest addition of the London Cycling Design Standards (September 2016, minor amendments) has confirmed that preformed thermoplastic markings are now the preferred method of marking London’s Cycle Superhighways.

Before this amend to specification requirements back in late 2016, the standard used by contractors throughout the transportation network was a mix of water based paint, Methyl Methacrylate (MMA), chlorinated rubber and single pack epoxy. The standardising of the product type defines the requirements for health and safety including reflectivity – BS EN 1790 Preformed Markings. It also ensures the use of the best quality of product is throughout the system within economic constraints.

Thermoplastic cycle and road line marking has a huge number of beneficial factors when it comes to an alternative to other products available.

Thermoplastic Line Marking is:

  • Less costly due to less labour required
  • You can lay it with one person
  • Fast return to service
  • Pre-formed so no requirements for awkward masking
  • Low odour compared to products such as MMA
  • Easy to apply using a flame lance
  • Less messy than other products in its class
  • Includes glass reflective beads as standard (though you can add extra glass beads)
  • Inherently slip resistant
  • Available in a wide range of colours & custom designs etc. available from Promain

London Cycling Design Standards


When it comes to construction including surfacing of cycle tracks in London, TfL has an in-depth requirements document titled London Cycling Design Standards. It is a requirement all contractors meet the criteria during the line marking process. This includes on cycle lanes including the new cycle super highways throughout the city.

The publish date of version one was 2014. As of September 2016, you can find minor amendments following the publication of TSRGD.

Chapter 7.2.7 states:

“A consistent standard of road markings is required, as described in TSRGD and the Traffic Signs Manual, chapter 5. For cycle symbols to diagram 1057, pre-formed markings are preferred.”

Cycle Superhighway

Preformed thermoplastic markings offer a consistent quality and dimensionally accurate product in accordance with Transport for London and TSRGD requirements.

Promain’s Thermoplastic Line Marking Products

Promain pride ourselves on our extensive range of thermoplastic products. These are provided by the top manufacturers on the market including CentreCoat, Kestrel and Ennis Flint Prismo.

Whether it is preformed speed roundels, directional traffic arrows, parking symbols, hazard teeth, crossing warnings or simply letters & numbers, Promain have every base covered. If there is anything specific or a bespoke design you require, contact our office to discuss your requirements.

Our technical team have extensive knowledge from specification to application of thermoplastic line marking products. We have been on the approved supplier list of TfL and LUL for some considerable time. We have proudly supplied product for a lengthy list of platforms, underground stations, cycle tracks and roads throughout the Transport for London network.

To see further how Promain can advise and supply line marking and performed thermoplastic logos to you and your clientele, view our Industrial Line Marking Solutions page here:

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