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Promain are leading the way in road and floor line marking offering a large and comprehensive range of line marking solution to suit your individual project requirements. Promain not only offer durable single pack coatings such as the CentreCoat Water Based Line Marking Paint, Chlorinated Rubber and Single Pack Epoxy line markings also. In addition to paints, Promain offer Methyl Methacrylate, (MMA) an extremely fast curing and hardwearing line marking product. Thermoplastic is the traditional product used on many roads - this is heated in a large boiler on the rear of lorries. Promain offer a faster and cost effective solution to the application of Thermoplastic lines with their 5 metre long preformed rolls that are quickly and easily rolled out and heated with a hand held gas torch. Along with preformed lines Promain offer Disabled Logo’s, Walking Man, Electric Car Charging Logo’s and many more designs that are available in a range of sizes. Custom bespoke logos and designs are available also. When a higher degree of reflectivity is required reflective glass beads can be sprinkled onto the thermoplastic whilst it is still warm. These will then reflect vehicle lights making the line appear to be brighter to road users especially at night.

Where clients require an extremely durable epoxy paint, Promain are able to offer the CentreCoat 2 Pack Epoxy Line Marking Paint that with minimal preparation will offer a long service life.

Properly specified and applied line markings can offer more than just a health and safety benefit. A car park on a commercial premises that has been properly marked will help with the flow of traffic, meaning potential clients can quickly and safely access the site. Ultimately, this can lead to an increase in productivity and or revenue as well as reducing accidents for both pedestrians and vehicles.

Equally a correctly marked line in a workshop, warehouse or industrial environment will prevent accidents and mitigate a multitude of potential risks such as trafficking forklifts and indication of hazardous areas e.g. moving machinery.

Line Marking Solutions

A correctly line marked carpark or access road has many benefits, mainly of which being the safety of the employees or the site visitor. A properly marked and designed carpark will also benefit from a more efficient traffic flow resulting in a safer site. Promain has a vast range of line marking solutions. Our most popular being the Centreline thermoplastic line marking tapes and logos. Thermoplastic line marking tape is an easy and quick way to install a hardwearing line marking which conform to the British Standard 7941-2:2000 for skid resistance to roads, pavements, paved areas, friction tests, ramps, anti-slip surfaces, runways, road surfaces, roundel road signs, pedestrian roads, and test equipment. During a recent trial our technical team was able to install the thermoplastic at a rate of 1 linear meter per minute and return the road surface to service in under 10 minutes.

Ensuring visitors and staff stay in designated areas is vital to warehouse health and safety to prevent accidents when heavy machinery is used. With the possibility of forklifts or pallet trucks running over any lines required, a quality product is needed to ensure heavy duty toughness. We often specify a thin epoxy paint coating such as the 3M Scotchkote Liquid Line Marking LXF 897 as it offers a fast return to service reducing downtime. On a correctly prepared floor it will offer a good service life with the added benefit of being quick to apply. It is also a low odour paint making it ideal for interior use especially in areas such as food production and even breweries where many paints may taint the produce.

In large exterior industrial environments such as roads, car parks, airports, docks, terminals with substrates such as asphalt or concrete, we provide top of the range machines such as the Thermolazer ProMelt or Graco range of machines. For sports line marking onto astroturf, grass pitches or sports surfaces we recommend use of aerosol pushable line stripers such as our ATAK Road and Hard Surface Line Striper or Rust-Oleum Hard Hat Line Striping Machine. If you are interested in a heavy duty ride on version, contact our technical team and we can provide a comprehensive service including training if required.

As a certified distributor of Ennis Flint Prismo Road Markings, we have the knowledge of a highly skilled experienced team for road surfacing lines, offering optimum luminance, skid resistance, wet night visibility and delineation. For any infrastructure requirements, contact our technical team for in depth information on safety solutions and line marking.