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CentreCoat have been producing a range of coating for a vast range of application from hygiene coatings, protection of steel and road markings. CentreCoat are committed to providing solutions for many unique industrial coating challenges.

The CentreCoat brand is trusted my many architects and has been specified on many large projects. Many County Councils and Local Authorities all of whom use the Centrecoat brand on projects such as railings, bollards, bridges, lamp posts and lighting columns.


Creating a clean and hygienic environment to work in is very important to us at Promain. Our water based anti-bacterial wall and floor paints have been specified on a variety of surfaces in hospitals, swimming pools, veterinary practices, commercial kitchens and more throughout the UK. The Centrecoat Hygienic range contains an additive known to kill the likes of MRSA, Salmonella and E.Coli. Not only will this paint kill off bacteria on the surface they are also durable enough to withstand regular cleaning.

CentreCoat Aqua Hygiene is a single pack paint which has passed the ISO 22196 Antimicrobial Plastic Test and is available in a wide range of colours. Also, our Centrecoat Ultra is a two-pack epoxy designed for floors and walls in particularly high wear areas, if slip resistance is required anti-slip aggregate can be added during application.

CentreCoat produce single pack, easy to apply, fast drying, urethane modified alkyds available in gloss and satin finishes which are extremely corrosion and UV resistant. Ideal for railings, street furniture and lighting columns in areas that suffer from extreme weathering and are exposed to the sea air. Lead and chromate free, they contain rust-inhibitive pigments and can be applied to correctly prepared rust free steel or over existing coatings. Where rust can’t be totally removed, surface tolerant primers can be specified by our in house technical team on 01462 421333.

The CentreCoat Rapid Dry Primer is a high build zinc phosphate primer perfect for quick brush or roller application on to mechanically wire brushed steel, offering good corrosion and sag resistance, which is touch dry after 30 minutes.

Promain can provide you with products and specifications for such a wide range of surface marking environments. The water based line marking paint is highly durable for car parks and loading bays which can be applied by brush or using the Centrecoat Line Marking Machine, as used by Sainsbury’s Distribution Centres throughout the UK. Single or two pack epoxy road line paint is harder wearing with chemical, oil, salt and abrasion resistance specifically for use on playgrounds, roads, airport runways and in factories. Thermoplastic products are a fast, clean and an easy way to apply markings which can be installed all year round as they are heated down by a gas torch, with a curing time of 10-20 minutes there’s a rapid return to service. Corporate logos, playground designs, numbers and letters, can all be produced to order in a wide range of colours and sizes. If you have any enquiries or need guidance with the application processes, please call our technical team on 01462 421333.