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Buildings across the UK and Europe are now extensively being clad in materials such as plastisol, powder coated steel and timber. Timber cladding can also be found on many heritage and agricultural buildings. Applying a suitable paint or coating will protect the cladding and the building fabric. It will also revamp and drastically improve the buildings aesthetic.

Promain have a wealth of experience in specifying protective and decorative coatings for many large cladding projects often in excess of several thousand metres squared.

Promain can also specify and supply cladding paint warranty systems for both 10 and 15 years form leading manufacturer Rust-Oleum.

Our technical team are manufacturer trained with the most cutting edge cladding paint and coating products from Rust-Oleum, PPG, Sika and Bedec.

If you have any questions regarding which paints or coatings are suitable for your individual needs, contact the team today on 01462 421333.

Cladding Coatings

Many buildings across the UK are now constructed from steel cladding. These types of structures range from industrial units, office buildings and also retail premises. Generally these type of structures will be clad in plastisol coated steel facades. Over time the plastisol coating with degrade with exposure to the elements. Eventually the plastisol coating will fail and begin to break away from the steel substrate. This then leaves the steel below exposed allowing the ingress of moisture and air. This ingress will lead to the steel oxidising and the formation of rust. This rust will then spread and compromise the structural integrity of the steel.

Applying a suitable anti corrosive protective coating to a metal fascia will stop this ingress of moisture and work to protect and increase the lifespan of the structure. An excellent coating system for plastisol cladding is Rustoleum Noxyde. Noxyde is a universal, heavy duty, direct to metal, waterborne, elastomeric, rust preventative paint. Noxyde provides excellent protection for metal roofs and plastisol cladding. Noxyde forms a rubbery anti-rust membrane, which is impermeable to water and highly resistant to weathering, mechanical and chemical attack. Noxyde is extremely good in harsh environmental areas such as coastlines and is ISO C5-M high tested for corrosion protection, making it ideal for long-term maintenance.

Promain can also specify and supply both a 10 and 15 years free of charge warranty for Rust-Oleum Noxyde on both vertical metal cladding, plastisol cladding and metal roof cladding. Contact our technical team for further information in regards guarantee based cladding systems.

Many heritage and also new modern structures are employing timber cladding for the external protection of buildings. The type of timber used for cladding tends to be cedar, larch, spruce etc. Most of these types of timber external facades will generally be pressure treated to facilitate the storage and transport of the materials. Left unprotected over time, timber will grey due to UV light and also is susceptible to the ingress of fungi, rot and wood boring insects. Eventually this will lead to the failure of the timber and compromises the protection it provides for the property.

Painting the timber with a protective coating will provide a protective barrier against the wooden facade from of attack prolonging the lifespan of the cladding and increasing the protection it will provide. Bedec have and excellent cladding paint for timber known as Bedec Barn Paint.

Bedec Barn Paint is formulated with a water based acrylic base. The formulation of the product makes for a highly durable water based paint that offers excellent colour retention against the effects of UV. This barn paint is also microporous and allowing the passage of moisture in the form of a water vapour negating the damp issues caused by trapped moisture. The paint is suitable for wood, plastic, concrete, weathered galvanised steel and plastic cladding.

Promain also supply a wide range of wood oils, stains and protectors from leading manufacturers such as Osmo and Owatrol.

Promain also supply a wide range of oils for exterior wooden cladding. Exterior wooden cladding is at high risk of damage from UV rays and weathering. Leading manufacturer Osmo provide a huge range of quality wood oils and stains for both interior and exterior use. Promain's technical team recommend protecting wooden fascias with Osmo 420 UV Protection Oil. Osmo 420 is a clear oil that provides micro-porous protection against sun bleaching, mildew and algae or fungal attack. Another factor to consider is the importance of low maintenance. Osmo 420 UV Protection Oil requires no sanding between coats, ensuring your cladding can be refreshed in little to no time. Contact our technical team to discuss your requirements and how Promain can help provide paints and coatings to ensure your cladding fascia lasts for years to come.