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If it’s industry leading solutions you need then 3M are sure to have the materials you require. If you are after proven industrial coatings such as anti-graffiti, corrosion protection, flame retardant, anti-carbonation and waterproofing properties for your infrastructure and asset protection you have found the right company.

You may also need these coatings to be fast drying, low VOC, easy to use and safety compliant, and if this is the case, 3M Scotchkote have the solutions.

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3M provide various products of choice for OEM paints and coatings in the rail and public transport sector. You can use 3M Scotchkote EA9 WB primer and coatings and 3m Scotchkote EA5WB to provide long term corrosion protection for the underside of the rail carriages. Graffiti is easily removed off the externals of the carriages now that major transport vehicle manufacturers have applied 3m Scotchkote Dicol 170.

The internals too have the best paints to provide not only anti-graffiti properties but are also extremely hard wearing and provide a wonderful finish too. All of these are good enough for the Pendolino trains that rocket around the country every day.

Let’s not forget the roofs. Polynox 136 is an excellent corrosion resistant, waterproofing coating that provides your carriage with a flexible, UV stable and durable coating. Did we mention that it is also fast drying, low VOC and has excellent adhesion?

Where real durability is required 3M Scotchkote has quite possibly the best wall coatings in the industry, so much so that LUL use 3M Scotchkote UV 843 and its appropriate primers such as 3m Scotchkote GP 830. For anti-graffiti and fast drying properties, combined with low spread of flame and low toxic smoke valves, it’s a perfect fit.

Offering long term corrosion protection in excess of 25 years, 3M Scotchkote 152LV and 172LV are unique. With Dry Film Thicknesses (DFT) of up to 1000 microns per coat, surface tolerant, excellent corrosion protection and chemical resistance, it’s no surprise to see 3M is a market leader. Clients include Network Rail and London Underground.

Where down time is at a minimum and rapid return to service is required, 3M Scotchkote have a solution. 3M Scotchkote XF895 and LXF897 have a touch dry time of approx 45 minutes and are suitable for a return to service in only 1½ hours. London Underground Section 12 approved and for use in engineering hours, as well as being used in countless 24-7 manufacturing and distribution applications this product is also low odour and extremely abrasion resistant.

Promain work closely with their manufactures including arranging site visits and manufactures backed warranties on flat and pitched roofs.
3M have developed a cold applied moisture cured Polyurethane roof coating similar to the Liquid Plastics Decothane for flat roofs. As you may know the Decothane system from Sika Liquid Plastics can now only be applied by an approved applicator where as 3M are happy to over see non-approved applicators and still offer either a 15 or 25 year warranty. The 3M roofing system is applied in a similar method to Decothane where a glass fibre Reemat matting is embedded into the liquid applied membrane which becomes resistant to rain rapidly and provides a seamless reinforced elastomeric roof coating with systems to suit all clients budgets.
Rust-Oleum offer a system for Plastisol Roof sheeting and cladding that offers up to a 15 year manufactures warranty. Rust-Oleum Noxyde is a water based elastomeric coating that is extremely easy to apply and benefits from offering dry fall certification. Noxyde also benefits from the Coatings Research Institute salt test ISO 9227 for 1440 hours, this fulfills the requirements for a corrosive class C5-M High as defined in the ISO 12944 standard.

When you just can’t grit-blast the steel and you don’t have the time to wait for multiple layers of paints to cure but you still need long term corrosion protection, then why not use 3M Scotchkote 152LV/172LV. Simply mechanically prepare to ST3. One coat application at up to 1000 microns and job done. Don’t take our word for it. Network Rail are LUL approved to provide in excess of 25 years corrosion protection. This solution gives you the ability to meet on-site restrictions and client demands.