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Rust-Oleum are ubiquitous when it goes to paint and coatings. Not just providing paints for home owners, Rust-Oleum have an extensive catalogue of products designed for both domestic and commercial industrial situations.

At Promain, we are proud to be the UK’s largest appointed distributor for the complete range of Rust-oleum products. With 10-15 year warranty cover on metal roof and cladding products such as Noxyde, Rust-Oleum provide the technology and confidence to produce a long lasting paint with long life permeance you can trust. With specialisations in corrosion control, floor, roof and wall protection and hygienic solutions we can accommodate a range of substrates in various situations.

We are proud to be able to mix to up to 36,000 products via our in house ColourShop tinting machine. With a fast turnaround, we can mix pigments in a massive range of the Rust-Oleum group of products with ease at the touch of a button. This means your paint and coating will have a quick turnaround ensuring the correct RAL and British Standard colours in both solvent and water based forms reach you as soon as possible.

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The use of structural steel as a design feature of bridges, airports, public buildings and high rise offices has increased dramatically over the last few decades. PPG Sigma corrosion resistant coatings ensure your beautifully architecturally designed buildings stay looking at their best for longer. From high performance primers such as PPG SigmaCover 280 and PPG SigmaZinc 109HS, to long term protection coming from products like PPG SigmaCover 456, PPG SigmaCover 2 and SigmaShield 400, corrosion will not be your concern for a very long time. Providing a highly decorative, UV stable, graffiti resistant finish, the use of PPG SigmaDur 550 and PPG SigmaDur 1800 is the icing on the cake.

Rust-Oleum provide single pack water and solvent based wall and roof cladding paint with life expectancies of more than 10 years. Their range consists of anti-rust polymer coatings with 200% elasticity to acrylic dispersion paints, with a selection of over 30,000 colours available as a top coat. Rustoleum provide a selection of spray, brush or roller applied coatings that will adhere to a multitude of surfaces including correctly prepared steel, plastisol, iron, aluminium, existing coatings and asbestos cement sheets.

Noxyde can be diluted with water and used as an adhesion primer and can qualify for a 10-15 year warranty. It also has a dry fall to prevent mess and unnecessary over spray. Pegarust is their solvent based coating which can be applied in temperatures down to -5°C. The water based acrylics, Metal Cladding Top Coat and Paracem, are considerably weather resistant top coats, which can be tinted if specific shades are required for branding.

Via Rust-Oleum we have an outstanding range of micro porous, flexible, anti-carbonation coatings for most types of masonry surfaces, such as Murfill Renovation. Whether it be new or old lime render or a painted fascia covered in hairline cracks, the Rustoleum masonry top coats can be used with the correct primers and the Murfill fleece for reinforcement if required, offering more than 10 years protection in the most extreme environments. The water dispersed high polymers remain 400% elastic down to -30°C.

Murfill Waterproofing is approved by Trinity House for the use on lighthouses around the UK coastline and protects buildings against carbonisation and corrosion. For damp and flaking walls, internally or externally, Rustoleum produce a solvent based, plasticized resin which will seal them and can be over coated with a water based acrylic if colours are required. This is known as Durbocem.

Rust-Oleum incorporate an extensive portfolio of brands including Zinsser, Timberex and Mathys. Mathys produce the popular Fassiprim, Pegafix and 9170/9180 primers, and Paracem range. Designed for corrugated Plastisol metal, masonry, render, plaster, concrete and wood, Paracem offers unequalled durability on outside structures providing a flawless look after more than 10 years.